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Split City Band

Panama City, FL

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: October 14, 2016            Last Update: October 14, 2016
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Music types: Alternative, Rock
The newly formed Split City Band out of Panama City Beach, Florida recently made their debut on 30A Songwriter Radio and are actively booking for the Spring and Summer seasons of 2016-17. The term “Split City”, could be referring to the popular Spring Break destination of Panama City Beach. It's adjoining city, the township proper is the City of Panama City, which is located on the other side of the bay by a newly redesigned and constructed bridge. In spite of the bridges beautiful design, widened roads and slow incline the locals on either side generally resist crossing it. In other words the view point from either side is, it had better be worth it.

Members of the Split City Band are all considered “local” although they are living on either side of that bridge. The idea to form a band came out of a tight circle of local players who came together from both sides of the bridge and whenever possible to make their music and hopefully a night of magic for everyone in attendance to remember. Once the show is over, the lights are down and the gear is loaded up it is then, once again, “Split City” and on to the next gig for this enigmatic melodic-rock four piece. Check out the newest songs and latest line-up, news, happenings and more from Split City Band!

Band Members:
David Hayes (Guitar/Vocals) Billy Drown (Lead Guitar) William Mayhann (Bassist) Russell Fuller (Percussion)

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
No news reported
Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  No
Record Label: Split City Music
Discography: No CDs entered
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.facebook.com/splitcitymusic
Contact Name:  David Hayes
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)


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