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katie Hate

pittsburgh, PA

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: August 28, 2014            Last Update: August 28, 2014
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Music types: Punk, Alternative
Katie Hate is a three piece punk/alternative/indie/rock band>that really cant be pigeon holed into one genre. We are 3 young 20,20,19 yearolds who have been playing together since we were in jr.high. Today we are rocking it out at many local big and small venues. we have headlined and have played the support band for many national touring bands. Presently we have an album ready to come out in the fall"Lets pretend Again," and our second album which we are already working on,"Water Damage." We have played our own music from day one. We have been compared to Greenday/Nirvana/Chilli Peppers with a a large dose of the Rammones added in for the flavor, but we create our own personal sound which is our overall appeal and strength. From the moment Katie Hate takes the darkened stage and Jake's heavy drum beat begins the show, we never stop the ride for the fans to breathe!We are like a freight train who can only stop after it reaches the station. Until that happens, hold on, because this ride is loud,and has many sharp turns!but we never derail!! That is Katie Hate.

Band Members:
Max Theofillis: Lead singer/lead guitar/songwriter Max is a story teller who enjoys walking on the darkside but his references are usually quite humerous and playful for the crowd. He has a very unique voice which isnt overwhelming but point on. Bobby Fello: Bass player Bobby has been playing his instrument probably longer than the others. With his skinny 6ft4 frame he moves around the stage like a giant gumby doll. He is probably the most animated of the 3 members. Bobby loves to be up on the stage. Jake Saltzman: Drummer Jake left the band last summer when his enlistment into the Marine Corps Fleet Anti-terrorist Team (F.A.S.T) came calling.The band was going to take a long time off obviously. But Jake broke his back in Parris Island and was medically discharged. For the band it was a "big break!!" from the day he came home they were able to practice even with his injury(which is totally healed)for close to 2 hours daily. Today, they are perhaps as tight as one band could get. Their performances whether for 400 plus or 50 rarely ever changes because of their desire and love of performing.

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Their News and Events
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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  No
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Discography: No CDs entered
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://katiehateband.com
Contact Name:  daryl saltzman
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Florida-Orlando
New York-Buffalo
New York-Syracuse
Pennsylvania-State College
Virginia-Eastern Shore
West Virginia-Morgantown

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