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Paoli, PA

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: May 25, 2011            Last Update: November 11, 2011
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Music types: Metal
Officially formed in 2010 by four veterans of the local heavy music scene, SickTrust is a powerful new addition to the local Philadelphia metal community. In August 2011 they released their self-titled debut which combines raw energy, and aggressive power along with melodic elements to form a brutal and honest heavy music compilation. Shaped by each individuals various musical influences, SickTrust has created a unique sound that offers something different to the listener, something that appeals not only to the hardcore metal fan, but also appeals to listeners of many other musical genres.

In early 2005, guitarist Charles “Chaly” Piacentino and drummer John Paul reunited and started working on song ideas driven by their shared passion for heavy music as well as their disappointment and frustration at their previous music collaborations imploding due to band differences. Months later, they convinced their long time friend and former band mate bassist/vocalist Mike “Junior” Kornfield into joining them once again for what would eventually become SickTrust.

The three would continue writing and refining songs for the next few years, until finally in late 2008 it was decided that another guitar player would be needed to, not only add a new element to the mix, but also to fully realize the songwriting potential of the band. They auditioned a few guitarists with no luck, until finally Chaly suggested an old friend and former band mate Jesus “Zeus” Gordiany. With the addition of Zeus to the band the lineup was finalized, and the band hit a new creative high. The four then continued to write new songs as well as rework some of the older songs now with the added benefit of a second guitar.

It was with this new revitalization of the band that got them into the studio and back out into the local Philadelphia music scene with a live debut performance in late 2010, which received a very warm welcome from heavy music fans and musicians alike. Now with the release of their debut, SickTrust looks forward to a promising future in the world of heavy music.

Band Members:
Vocals & Bass - Mike "Junior" Kornfield Guitar - Charles "Chaly" Piacentino Guitar - Jesus "Zeus" Gordiany Drums - John Paul

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
SickTrust added to The Legendary Dobbs 1st Annual Metalfest Line-up!

The Legendary Dobbs 304 South Street Philadelphia, PA

Dobbs 1st Annual Metalfest http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=178081178926257

Saturday - 11/26/2011 Ticket Price: $10.00 1-2:30 Horror Movie Premier 3pm TBA 4pm Secynd Skyn 5pm Sicktrust 6pm Rise to Offend 7pm Minutia 8pm Ovlo 9pm Angel Vilvaldi 10pm Surgeon 11pm Beyond Dishonor 12pm Anvil Bitch

Glasshouse Radio will be broadcasting at Metalfest.

Come and see it all! Our 1st Metalfest! Playboy Bunny Savage! Jello! Women! DJ Mikey Primadonna! Adrienne Del Quadro is hosting! Edwin"Don Kink" Ramirez will be commentating!!!! Need I say more? Come Get Some!!!!!! $2 PBR's and Yeungling light bottles.... $4 jack daniels drinks.... $2 Whipped Cream Vodka Jello Shots! $10 cover! You know its going down! DOBBS!

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.sicktrust.com
Contact Name:  John Paul
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Pennsylvania-Philadelphia

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