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Dominique Perry (Dom P)

Cleveland, OH

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: May 14, 2010            Last Update: November 19, 2011
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Music types: R&B, Hip Hop
My Name is Dom Perry, I was born over sease cuz my parents where in the army. My dad being from Queens and my mother coming from detroit, leaving me a mixtuer of all the states between. My mother and i moved alot. I'm originaly from Akron Ohio, moved to Philly for a year(shot out to my cuzes in Pilly) , then moved back to Akron for a year then left to move to Chicago for six years, Shot out to all my cuzins in Maywood IL. After, when times got ruff, my mother sent me to finish out school in New York wit my father. shot out to all my family in Queens, after that school year was done, i went back to Chicago wit my mother, and things was back on track. We moved back to Akron in 03 and been here ever sence! When we finaly setteled in akron, I Decided that Singing is what i wanted to do, in Chi Town my cuzins and I Had a little rap group , yeah I started out rapping, we would make songs off the insrumentals of the Game NBA Ballas (Rags to Riches), we were good too! and we even had a manager too his name was Boc, after my mom and i left i ant never seen him again. He was a cold rapper to tryin to get his fame up. Sometimes I wounder if he ever made it, BUT Back in Akron as i grew olded i started to find my talent, when my cuz came down from philly we made songs on a program called MixCraft and got beats off limewire, we were good to, and we formed a grup called Alliance, she sang and i rapped for her. we did one performance at rollin acarers mall, dam ! i miss those days. She was the one who got me singing for real cuz she Could SANG on Some real. After She left i continued to make songs, i got smart and sterted making my own Beats so i ant have to worry about steelin other peoples stuff, (oh my rap Name was Rambo i for got to tell you that) After i got smart, i did a cupuple of talent shows that i goofed off at, not proud of that, but it got me status. Then for a while i was just lost cuz i didnt know who to talk to and how to go about things, untill one day i met my dude Q5. he said he needed a singer to get on a track, and at first i wasn't goin to say nothin knowin i could sing, But i thought to my self for a sec, i said "Dom what the hell you scard for, you 17 goin on 18 the time for scary-ness is OVER" so i let him here somethin and After that my Life Hole life Changed, i Got Signed to 25olid Records on January 11 2009, and my First Hit Was Do it Like Me. In the overall end, In My Eyes i only made it Half way, Now its time to put in That work so i can make it to the top! and i PLAN TO !!!!!! My Name is Dom P and thats my life story Be Lookin To find More Of ME And the whole 25olid cuz we comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 25olid Records
Discography: No CDs entered
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.myspace.com/domplive5
Contact Name:  Dominique Perry
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Illinois-Chicago (City)
New York-New York City

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