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Mr. Frizo

Racine, WI

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: July 24, 2009            Last Update: August 30, 2009
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Music types: Hip Hop
Make no mistake about it. Hip hop, for many, has always been a genre of music that’s either loved or despised. Some look at hip hop music as an art. A way for one to express feeling and emotion through means of music. Others see hip hop as an obnoxious, juvenile, form of “slander” towards anything and everything that is considered politically correct. Jonathan D. Friso, (Mr. Frizo) born November 2nd 1984 in the small city of Racine Wisconsin has been defined as “tomorrows new hip hop sensation”. It’s almost safe to consider his style pop, due to the catchy beats, which are made of just as much synthy tones as they are natural instruments. Though Frizo’s lyrics and the way he delivers punch lines solidifies that he indeed is a hip hop artist, and a very unique one at that. His music altogether is what could be considered a form of a new, urban pop. Starting his career in music in 2004, Frizo released his first album “I Rep Vol. 1”. The album was a collaboration made up of 3 artists and didn’t have a fighting chance in the mainstream market. The vulgar lyrics and grimey beats made “I Rep Vol. 1” sound very amateur. Radio stations in Frizo’s home state refused to play the record, and the local record stores did absolutely nothing to help boost sales. It was the doubt from the mainstream public that helped build eNicaR Records. Frizo put the independent label together with help from business partner, Andreas Oliver, in an attempt to form something new in the Wisconsin hip hop scene. Being clever and different was key to the labels success. “eNicaR” is actually the hip hop duos home city of Racine, spelled backwards. Together they followed the theory of “guerilla marketing”. If the people weren’t going to take notice to the music, the music was going to come to the people. And that’s exactly what eNicaR Records did. They forced the music into people’s ears and made the public take notice. After the “I Rep Vol. 1” campaign, Frizo dropped his first solo album “Property Of”. The album was a huge step up from the prior album, and practically sold out in the first week. You heard a lot of growth and a more developed artist. By this time, eNicaR records was gaining local popularity. The label made press in The Racine Journal Times, and started getting booked for gigs in he Racine/Milwaukee area. With the methods learned from the “I Rep Vol. 1” campaign, and the maturing of Frizo as a producer and writer, eNicaR records was exactly where it had hoped to be at that time. It was a while after that until another album was released by Frizo. He figured he had the buzz, he knew how to get his albums sold, and his network was better than ever, so now it was time to get to the music. Frizo wanted to make real music, instead of just putting songs together in a studio made up of an entry level beat box and a “closet built” microphone booth. He recorded 3 albums that he never released, feeling like they weren’t where he wanted them to be sonically. Though the promotion and gigging during this time was anything but slow. Doing 4 gigs a week while promoting and working a full time server job, made concentrating on the music difficult. Finally, in 2008 Frizo released “King Of The Track”. The album was available only for download and did very well. It got attention from a&r’s at Jive Records, and received airplay on dozens of podcast radio stations. Though when it came time to press the album up there was a problem. Due to the high number of samples take from hit records, the cost to clear the songs was impossible for an independent label to afford. It was a huge impact on the plans the label had and was the 4th album Frizo had recorded that would not be released. Recently, Frizo has taken a new and upgraded approach to his song writing and production. The area he calls home is not very supportive of hip hop, which only comes from a the lack of really understanding the genre. Frizo’s main focus and goal for the near future is to deliver the music in a new form. Hoping that this method will benefit his career by being accepted and understood by music industry professionals in the Midwest region. Frizo states, “My goal is to bring the hip hop to the people that want to enjoy it, but never get the chance to”. “Behind The Music” is Frizo’s newest album. The album is by far his best work, and is set to hit record stores locally/regionally in September of 2009. eNicaR Records plans on this being the biggest and most effective campaign yet. The label says they will take what they’ve learned the past 6 years, and use that knowledge to successfully market the album and gain major exposure for artist, Mr. Frizo. For more info on Mr. Frizo, log onto www.mrfrizo.com

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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: eNicaR Records
Behind The Music    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.mrfrizo.com
Contact Name:  Jon Friso
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Illinois-Bloomington
Illinois-Chicago (City)
Illinois-Chicago (Suburbs)
Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Wisconsin-Green Bay
Wisconsin-La Crosse

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