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Corvallis, OR


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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: April 6, 2009            Last Update: December 23, 2009
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Music types: 80s, Rock
SONIC STORM is a dynamic arena rock band based in the Eugene area. The band consists of six accomplished musicians, each with experience spanning four decades. Sonic Storm is a "Rock Act" that performs music from , Journey, Boston, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Styx and many other "Arena Rock" bands from the 80's

Band Members:
WARREN BALDWIN (Lead Vocals) Born in 1958, began playing trumpet in 2nd grade. Playing in several small group combos in high school, winning several 1st place awards in the Northwest area and recorded an LP in 1976. Warren also played in lounge bands in the Spokane area in the late 70's, playing covers from,Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago,etc. In 1973 Warren also started a 60's band, singing leads and playing bass. Performing covers from the (Beatles, Turtles, Everly Bros, Bee Gees, etc) . Eventually by 1976 and singing leads, Warren founded "Sundown" playing rock covers in lounges and the hotel circuit until disco took over. In the early 90's Warren reunited with fellow musicians and formed "Legacy " a six piece classic rock cover band in the Spokane area. Known for his soaring vocals ,Warren uses a Audio Technica ATM41a microphone to enhance his unique high-end range. Warren retained a Audio Engineering and Producing cert. in 2001. Warren's influences include, Journey, Boston, Styx, Beach Boys, Chicago and the Beatles among many others. Upon retiring and moving to Corvallis Ore. in 2008, Warren joined fellow musicians to form " SONIC STORM " a long awaited project to bring back true POWER ARENA ROCK ! Warren says "The vocal and musical talent from this group of guys, "BLEND" to create a tonal rich atmosphere". ******************************************************************* JIM CORNELIUS (Keyboards, Vocals) Born in 1956, Jim began playing saxophone in the 3rd grade. In 1974 Jim began playing keyboards while recovering from a leg injury...having listened to the Alan Parsons Project and deciding to learn keys. Jim began working as a professional musician in Bakersfield California in the early 80’s. He performed with several local rock bands in the area such as "No Quarter" and "Import" until 1984, when he decided to explore life as a musician on the road. Jim had made a trip to Canada with friends in 1982 and fell in love with the country. Loading his keyboard rig in his van, he set off for the Great White North. He immediately found work with a touring rock cover act and traveled the country. Returning to the US in 1992, Jim settled down in Eugene, Oregon, where he continued his role as a rock and roll keyboardist. As a child of the 80’s, Jim enjoys taking the time it takes to program the proper synth patches to authentically reproduce the keyboard sounds that are prevalent in the music of the 80’s. Jim plays on a Korg Triton and Yamaha S80. Jim is also a "Front of House" sound man, recording engineer and producer and currently works for World Stage and Lighting. Jim's influences include, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Loverboy, Elton John, Styx and the Beatles. “I am extremely excited about this project! We have found a group of players with the enthusiasm, musicianship and vocal abilities to bring back Arena Rock the way you remember it.” ***************************************************************** MIKE HARRISON (Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) Born in 1964, Mike began playing saxophone at 13 years of age. At 14 Mike's dad bought a guitar for him, and one year later had his first Les Paul copy. At 17 Mike began to sit in with local bands in the Salt Lake area. At 21 playing with several variety bands including the "Bush Brothers". In his mid 20's Mike moved to Eugene Ore. At 27 Mike formed "the Element" with fellow musician Jim Cornelius. The band was popular at local venues for 3 years and managed to cut a CD in the studio throughout the busy schedule. Mike has sat-in with several local bands for the last 10 years. Mike plays on a Gibson Les Paul, and Fender Strat with a Marshall stack. Mike's influences include the Beatles,Zeppelin,Deep Purple, and the Doors. Known as the "Axeman" for his fast fingers, and rockin' vocals, Mike is very excited about his role,and opportunity to play music he has always wanted to..."a group of guys with this level of talent, only comes around once in a lifetime". **************************************************************** ANDY WARD (Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) Born in 1960, Andy began learning guitar at age 14, by 18 he was playing in the local scene around the Klamath Falls area. Upon moving to Eugene, Andy played with local bands and in 2007 eventually formed the "Symptoms" with fellow musician Jim Cornelius. The group performed R&R at the local venues and made a demo in 2008. Andy plays a Gibson "Paul Reed Smith McCarty", and a "Les Paul" with a Marshall stack. Andy's influences include, The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,Rush and Journey. Known as "Dr. Smooth" for his guitar licks and sultry vocals, Andy says " Sonic Storm is the best band I've ever been involved in". **************************************************************** KEN McGINLEY (Bass/Vocals) Born in 1961, Ken was raised in a musical family. His grandfather (Arthur Claar) made his living as a well known trumpet player from the 1930’s thru 60’s. Ken’s mother and grandmother played piano. His older brother (Vince McGinley) is an accomplished guitar player who still performs occasionally from time to time. It wasn’t until Ken turned 17 that he started taking guitar & bass lessons from his brother. It was tough times back then & neither one of us had a job. So we just stayed home and played music together. We’d play Led Zeppelin, Rush, Deep Purple, Kansas, Styx, Boston and even some originals. Eventually, we started a band called “Fallstar” . We played mainly originals but I’d have to say that Geddy Lee & John Paul Jones are my biggest influence. Since those early days, Ken has played in several bands that have performed throughout the NW, including; " Steppin' Out" and "Taylors Crossing", “Sonic Storm’s style of music is what I enjoy playing the most". What more could I ask for, "a great group of talented musicians playing the music I enjoy the most”. Ken & his wife Pam own & operate “Bandgrafix” a promotional products business. They enjoy spending their free time sailing. . ****************************************************************** RJ SINGLETON (Drums/Vocals) Born in 1970, Rj began playing violin in his early years living in the South Florida area. After 10 years and desire to be a rock star, Rj chose the guitar and bass to learn next. Rj spent several years playing guitar in the underground metal scene on the east coast before moving to the Boise area. At 30 years of age Rj picked up his first pair of drumsticks out of necessity, since it was impossible to find a reliable drummer in the area. This turned out to be a great decision for Rj, which eventually blossomed into co-founding the nationally known band "Pandoras Box" and signing a record deal. In 2004 Rj found himself drumming for the metal band "Thoughtless People", playing several shows and producing several recordings. In 2005 Rj played in some cover bands in the Boise area and discovered he had become "hooked" with the ever changing dynamic of musical styles. Rj has worked professionally as a studio drummer and on call fill-in throughout the Boise Valley, including a position with "Gruntwerks Productions". Rj uses Pearl Drums and Zildjian cymbals for his three kits, and is also endorsed by "Silverfox Percussion" for his sticks. Playing for groove and dynamics, Rj's influences include drummers, Jeff Porcaro,Kenny Aronoff,Tommy Aldridge, Stuart Copeland and Neil Pert. Bands include Boston,Toto,Little River Band and Metallica. In 2009 Rj moved to Corvallis, Oregon. Rj's dynamic drumming style and personality completes "SONIC STORM" as the most dynamic "Arena Rock" band in the Pacific Northwest. Rj says, " I have found myself in the middle,of some of the most talented musicians I've had the pleasure of creating music with"....." I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of SONIC STORM"

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Alternate web site:  http://www.myspace.com/sonicstormband
Contact Name:  Jim Cornelius
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Localities: Oregon-Bend

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