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Sound of Faith

Concord, NC

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: October 19, 2006            Last Update: June 2, 2011
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Music types: Christian, Rock
Sound of Faith formed in Concord, NC in 2003 as a praise band for a new contemporary worship service at Mt. Olivet UMC. During the eighteen month run of the service, SoF began looking at additional ways to spread the word of God to those in need. Out of that desire sprang many more live performances, original songs and the burning need to bring the Good News to everyone we meet has only gotten hotter.

Sound of Faith is a tight knit group with a firm foundation in Christianity. Part of our weekly practice schedule includes bible study and discussion of the word. We pray as a group before and after every practice and are constantly looking for ways to help make our faith even stronger and to help others do the same.

Band Members:
Guitarist Michael Deese is originally from Charlotte, NC and has lived in the vicinity all if his life. One of the original members of SoF, and husband to vocalist, Jennifer Deese, Michael has made Sound of Faith a major part of his life. In addition to guitar, Michael is the web master for the site you are visiting now, and has dabbled in audio recording and visual effects. He has also been a major part of writing the music for SoF's original songs.

Michael has not always felt God's presence in his life. "Religion" was kept at arm's length until meeting the other members of SoF and getting on fire wanting to learn more. Being a true Christian is much harder than going to church for an hour a week, and Michael has joined the ranks of those who try to live their entire lives for Jesus and loves using music to do so.

Lead female vocalist Jennifer Deese is originally from Concord, NC and has lived in and around Charlotte most of her life. She sang her first solo in church around the age of 5 or 6, and has always been involved somehow in music at church ever since. She started playing the piano at an early age, but then picked up the flute in middle school, and continues to play it from time to time. Jennifer enjoys participating in the group songwriting sessions, as well as writing songs on her own.

She was diagnosed with malignant melanoma as a teenager, and through that experience and healing really began to feel the presence of God in her life. She always knew He was there before, but when her faith was put to the test, she gave it over to Jesus, and has felt His constant presence ever since. She has been cancer-free for 17 years.

Sound of Faith is a large part of Jennifer and Michael's life, but not quite as big as their son born in 2004. He was at almost every practice even before he was born, and loves to sing and dance to the music that Mommy and Daddy play in the band. Jennifer and Michael are excited to see what God has in store for Sound of Faith on the horizon, as the band members are always trying to be faithful listeners, to discern the path Christ truly wants them to follow.

Drummer Ronny Butler was born in Salisbury, NC and was brought up in the Methodist and Episcopal churches but was not saved until he was an adult, and a co-worker led him to pray the Sinner's Prayer. He then had a long journey but the Lord brought him back to Himself through the Left Behind books. Following a painful divorce, Ronny came to a new relationship with Christ and a realization that his lifelong love of music could also be a ministry. He and his wife Joy now live in Waxhaw and have 6 children between them and 4 grandchildren.

Ronny came to Sound of Faith in 2006 and has found a ministry home and knows that this is where God has put him. This is the kind of music that Ronny has played all of his life, but with a message that can touch and change hearts. Ronny feels very blessed to be part of this band. Bassist Sean Earnhardt is from Kannapolis, NC. Sean was originally looking to be a background vocalist and rhythm guitarist when the group was formed. However, having many other (read that -- better!) vocalists and guitarists, it was noted that a bassist was needed. Having played drums in high school and guitar for even longer, the rhythm section looked like the best place to be. Now, after several years playing bass, there's no doubt that's what God wanted all along.

Sean has always been a Christian but was not very "churched" until after graduation from Appalachian State University. After meeting the most wonderful woman in his life, Sean decided it was also time to get serious in figuring out what God had in store for him. Sean is now very active in his local church and is enjoying the "work in progress" of learning how to be a better Christian and witness for the Lord.

Sean's other duties in Sound of Faith are many, but most notably would be the technical liason / stage manager / and lyricist positions. Also, if you need a very indecisive decision made; Sean's the man!

Vocalist/songwriter Vicki Ford has lived in Concord since being married to Brian over 17 years ago. She is the mother of 3 great kids, one of whom is a fellow band member. She has also been a youth leader at her church in Concord for the last 4 years. "Serving God, trying to live as He wants me to, and listening to His leading are what I, in good faith, try to do each day. Many, many days I fall miserably short, but I find nothing in this world is as satisfying to my soul as being His servant. I ask God daily to use me as He will, to give me courage and strength to live as an example of a true Christ-follower. Being a witness to His grace, mercy, and healing forgiveness are what I pray to God show through my actions and the way I live my life."

Rachel Ford is 16, a Junior in high school and a proud back up singer in Sound of Faith (Although her real purpose is to lower the average age of the band, since she is the youngest...). She is very outgoing and loves hanging out with her friends who constantly try to steal her title as the weirdest person alive (But, fear not! They never will succeed!). Her love of Veggie Tales becomes extremely obvious if you carry on a conversation with her for more than five minutes because of the many references to the Veggie Tales shows that she constantly uses (Her favorite character being Bob The Tomato because he is Rachel in animated, vegetable form...).

Her passions consist of writing, photography, and music and she hopes to one day be a youth minister and be able to incorporate all her passions in that "job" but her greatest passion of them all is her love for the Lord. Her faith journey has been a roller coaster, constantly moving and changing, growing and shaping her. But no matter what, God has always shown Himself in her life and pulls her back to Him every time she has strayed. Her love of God and doing His will is apparent in her life, infront of and behind closed doors and she strives to keep God number One in her life. Her love of worship and fellowship was what brought her to Sound of Faith in the beginning and has kept her there for over three years now.

Vocalist Scott Gardner, from Kannapolis, NC, joined the band in 2004 after a stint as the primary sound engineer. Scott has ALWAYS loved to sing. He feels singing in a Christian band is an incredible positive influence in his life. In the world we live in, we could all use more positive influences.

Scott is known as the "quiet" one in the band, but because of that always garners attention when he has something to say.

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Localities: North Carolina-Charlotte
North Carolina-Winston Salem

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