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Fennville, MI

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: December 9, 2003            Last Update: May 6, 2011
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Music types: Rock
All the members of our band grew up here in Michigan. We know that this place can be the hardest, coldest, most unrelenting place on Earth at times. Yet this same piece of Earth has witnessed the greatest moments and joys in our lives as well. We've laughed, cried, and yes even bled right along side every single one of you. I guarantee that anything you and your family have been through - our families have been through. The best of times and the most horrible tragedies and hardships you could imagine. The songs are like windows to our souls and are the living chronicles of our lives here in Michigan. Sometimes it seems like we have no control of them. Like they have a life of their own. Each band member adds a little piece of their soul to give the songs life.Sharing our songs with our family and friends is one of the greatest things that we can experience. It's about our belief in the gifts we've been given and sharing them with as many people as we can. Our originals have helped many people through tough times. We hope they will continue to be a beacon of light through these dark times. We have lived every single word and note of our songs. If you listen closely we believe you will find that you have too!

Band Members:
All the Members of Xit18 live in & have grown up in West Michigan. Gervaseus Nerik - Lead Vocals & Song Writer TJ Lavery - Bass Guitar Josh Miller - Guitar Teague Wyckoff - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Chad Hildenbrand - Drums Mary Hopson - Harmony Vocals

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:

"Xit 18 Is a fantastic band!!! They should be the house band at Itty Bitty! Everybody that likes quality rock music should be there to help support this great up and coming west Michigan band!" - Jeff S.

"Awesome job! So cool to see you using your talents to help meet the need of those in the community and for the greater good. What an inspirational message and sweet song!" - Scott G.

"Just watched Xit 18 on the one seven...they were awesome!" - Samantha B.

"Very good performance! Nice interview after! great job guys! - Aaron H.

"Great job! Live in front of camera's and bright lights is not easy!: - Virginia D.

"Awesome job there and also thank u for the wonderful evening at Itty Bitty bar.. it was always cool to hang out with you guys and gal! .Thank you!" - Francine D.

"Awesome job on the One-Seven! You sounded awesome and l am very happy for you!" - Kevin T.

"What an incredible song! One of the best I've ever heard. Great job guys!!!" - Jeff T.

"We were in tears!!!!!!!!! Great job brotha!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! YOUR GR8!!!!!!!!" - Eric J.

"Outstanding job by Xit18 and it does show you all have a great heart... glad to call you my family!" - Rev. Larry L.

"We watched it it was great! Had the T.Vs on at the club for everyone to see!" - AJ & Jim M.

"I was at the Intersection last night. I enjoyed your show. I was very surprised, see I am total country, but I actually enjoyed listening to ya'll. I have your cd and I love the beat, lyrics, etc. I had one heck of a good time. Thanks a lot! Tonya"

"This is a stunning band! You never hear this type of vocal power mixed with such diversity PLUS great original songs anymore. It's truly rare in the business. The lead singer commands the stage like a a pro and seems to demand your attention.The songs were strong and melodious with great hooks. It seemed that young and old around me enjoyed the show very much. See them if you get a chance. You may even begin to believe that rock is alive and well again."

"Outstanding live performance!! It's a band you can sing along to, with driven riff rock and raw vocals, It's hard not to get absorbed into the Guitarist w/his stunning technique and power. The Drums and Bass pound you into submission and keep you wanting more!!!

"Nice contemporary mix of styles, Great Job with stage presence and on stage interaction! Very good crowd interaction as well. Great job on harmonies. I like how you introduce the songs. Well written material and delivered with a lot of emotion and energy."

"Excellent(underlined twice!!) crowd interaction! Nice work(underlined twice!!) on the leads! Excellent energy from all! Strong vocals! Everyone works well together. Very tight sound + harmonies(underlined twice!!) , wonderful harmonies! Great emotion - projects very well! Great diversity - rare in bands.(smiley face!!) Well crafted songs! Excellent performance guys you really put on a great show!.(smiley face!!)"

"Very unique sound and personality and you sell it very well! Great energy&crowd interaction Nice solid vocals - you guys blend well together. Good overall balance and nice dynamic contrast. Great harmonys! I like your set choice - rock it out, bring it down, rock it out ..Nice.(smiley face!!) Nice solid show! Great job Guys!"

"This 6 piece band's rock style is full of great melody! Most of the members have been playing music for years and it shows in the talent displayed within their cd and on stage" - Music Review Magazine

"Nice & Heavy I think your music has what a lot of rock fans are looking for these days. With the let down of Metallica's new CD, people are really searching for a new hard rock band. Your band could be that band. The vocals had a pleasing tone, the harmonies were good. Guitars sounded great. You have some great songs on your hands!!" WalkAwayEP from Riverside, California

"Great Show! The range and professionalism you guys displayed was incredible! Top notch! I'm blown away! Looking forward to catching your show again soon!!" - Jay Van Rosen . The Diggy Johnson Band

"Powerful band. Good song structure (arrangement/dynamics) Vocals are tuff. I like the background vocals. I love the breakdowns and guitar solo. Nice! Sweet tone. Powerful band." San Anselmo, California

"Buy me a car, you got to be rich! Whoa! Are you guys signed or what! This is soooooo cool! I love the guitar, and I love the...songs!! The vocal's good, sounds a bit like Vertical Horizon. The chorus' incredible, cause' it's so simple, but it's damn good! Way to go! Sheroe from Stockholm, Sweden

"Whole bunch of talent here! Wonderful vocals! Vocals remind me of a Moody Blues thing. I appreciate the lyrics, nothing vulgar! Melody is inviting, nothing that irritates my ears. You have the begining of something here! I hear a whole bunch of talent in this song, keep working on it! It can only get better for you guys!" mewzicman from Corning, New York

"Rock is alive and doing well You have a good thing going here. The vocals have a Bon Jovy but a up to date sound to them. Any way i like the vocals the melody is good, but the hook is very good. I believe thats a very good thing. The guitar playing fits your overall sound a lot. The lyrics are good, they come from the heart. Thats when a song will touch people the most. Listeners will relate to it." TerryCarroll from Algonquin, Illinois

"rock on fellas very nice melodic intro - awesome bass riffs, underlying a sweet vocal melody. the drum beat is cool - lays down some funky groove in the verse. vocally, theres some diverse stuff going on, melodic overtone with some rap-type of things going on to compliment it. interesting idea, puts a nice diversity into the mood. guitar solo adds some edge to the song as well, giving it some better drive, a more balsy touch. i think you guys have an interesting sound going, keep it up, good luck" adkgroup from Needham, Massachusetts

Places We've Been

04/28/11 - Itty Bitty Bar - Holland, MI. 04/28/11 - Fox 17's One Seven Television Show - Grand Rapids, MI. 03/05/2011 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 02/12/2011 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 01/29/2011 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 12/18/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 11/13/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 10/09/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 10/02/2010 - New York New York, Detroit, MI. 09/25/2010 - Teazers - Grand Rapids, MI. 09/12/2010 - On Our Bus! Planet Rock - Battle Creek, Mi. 09/04/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 08/28/2010 - Louie's Rocket Lounge - Grand Rapids, MI. 08/21/2010 - Bike Fest on The Grand 2010 - Coopersville ,MI. 08/20/2010 - Bike Fest on The Grand 2010 - Coopersville , MI. 08/14/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 07/30/2010 -LLNL MUSIC FEST - Battle Creek, MI. 07/17/2010 - Casey's - Holland, MI. 07/02/2010 - Teasers - Grand Rapids,MI 06/26/2010 - EAGLES 925 - Grand Haven, MI 06/19/2010 - ROCKAPALOOZA - Jackson, MI 06/17/2010 - Sol' Lounge - Holland, MI 06/12/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI 06/06/2010 - Sol' Lounge - Holland, MI 06/04/2010 - Sol' Lounge - Holland, MI 05/29/2010 - Stans Bar - Dorr, MI 05/28/2010 - Stans Bar - Dorr, MI 05/22/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 05/15/2010 - The Alaskan Pipeline - West Olive, MI. 05/11/2010 - Take 5 TV SHOW- Grand Rapids, MI. 05/07/2010 - Papa Pete's - Kalamazoo, MI. 04/30/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 04/25/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 04/24/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle/Creek, MI. 03/27/2010 - The Alaskan Pipeline - West Olive, MI. 03/20/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 02/27/2010 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI. 02/20/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 02/14/2010 - Planet Rock- Battle Creek, MI. 02/06/2010 - The Dawg House - Detroit, MI. 01/23/2010 - New York New York - Detroit, MI. 01/13/2010 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 01/09/2010 - The Hayloft, Detroit, MI. 01/02/2010 - Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. 12/31/2009 - Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. 12/26/2009 - Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. 12/06/2009 - Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. 11/21/2009 - New York New York - Detroit, MI. 10/30/2009 - Planet Rock, Battle Creek, MI. 10/12/2009 - Corner Bar - Kalamazoo, MI. 10/10/2009 - The Rocket Lounge - Grand Rapids, MI. 09/23/2009 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI. 09/06/2009 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 08/15/2009 - 2009 Bikefest on The Grand- Coopersville, MI. 08/04/2009 - THIRD ANNUAL ROCK ā€˜Nā€™ ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE SUMMER CONCERT- GR, MI. 01/10/2009 - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI. 11/29/2008 - Side Track Bar & Grille Inc - Fennville, MI. 11/28/2008 - Side Track Bar & Grille Inc - Fennville, MI. 11/26/2008 - Side Track Bar & Grille Inc - Fennville, MI. 10/25/2008 - Costumes For Kids Charity Party- South Haven, MI. 10/11/2008 - Bike Fest on The Grand - Coopersville, MI 08/29/2008 - HOGG BASH 4 - Bangor, MI. 08/09/2008 - The Pheonix Inn, South Haven, MI.

National Act's we've played with!

SEVEN DUST Tantric Days Of The New Taddy Porter Amanda Overmyer Egypt Central OTEP BOBAFLEX Paradime Earshot Robn Zombie A New Revolution Veritas Appetite for Destruction

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: N/A
Limited Edition Demo    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.xit18.com
Contact Name:  Gervaseus Nerik
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Michigan-Alpena
Michigan-Ann Arbor
Michigan-Grand Rapids
Michigan-Traverse City

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