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The Brass Monkey

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Local Band Network Member Since: January 10, 2003            Last Update: November 6, 2006
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Music types featured: Rock, Metal
Located in the heart of historic Fells Point (AKA the drinking capital of Maryland) The Brass Monkey Saloon brings you the best that the Maryland music scene has to offer with loaded (and low priced) shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Plenty of free parking is available on the streets around Fells, so get there early and party late. Come on down and support the scene, have a few drinks, party with us and be able to say "I saw them at the Brass Monkey".

WEDNESDAY On Wednesdays we host Open Mic Night with $3 rail drinks and $2 domestic bottle specials. Great atmosphere and great people truely help make this Baltimore's best open mic night.

THURSDAY On Thursdays we host the New Talent Showcase with new or reemerging bands to the Brass Monkey. Show these bands some love and help them pop their Brass Monkey cherry. Catch them at their premiere show and give them support. Showtimes for Thursday are now starting at 8:30. That's right, you can get in early, have some drinks, and still be sober for work on Friday.

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Showtime at 9:30. Doors at 8:30. These nights showcase the areas best and established talent at the Brass Monkey. Come out and enjoy the shows.

Note: We are a cash only bar. I know, it's very stone age, but that's how we roll. So make sure you hit the ATM or whatever you have to do and have cash when you walk in so you can fully enjoy the show!


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Alternate web site: http://www.myspace.com/brassmonkeysaloon
Contact Name: Jesse Griffin
E-mail address:  (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)
Address: (click for a map)
1601 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: 410-276-4395
Locality:   Maryland-Baltimore

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