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Steve Henderson

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The date was Saturday August 13th 2011. I was on my way home when i decided that i need to stop at the local pub and have a drink from a long day at the office. I walked in to my suprise a band was setting up, i heard the name of the band before but have never heard them play. I decided to ask around see if people had any idea if the they were any good, I asked the one lady and her response was unbelievable. She said " The Doghouse Retreat? you wont find a better band in the area." I decided to take her word for it and stuck around. a few hours had went by before the band started to play i stepped outside for some fresh air it was starting to get crowded in the bar. Thats when i heard it the sound of the band starting then shortly after the vocals came after. I walked in to see a group of middle aged men lead by a young kid who couldnt have been older than 24. needless to say i was amazed at the talent this group had, all night as you watch the lead guitar players jaw dropping skills, and the lead singers amazing voice. It was impossible not to want more of this band. I did not get to speak with any of the band members just there friends. The one i spoke to the most was Tony Mclamb, Tony claimed to be the lead singers friend for quite a few years going on and on about serving in the military together. For the most part besides bed time stories and listening to the young mans amazing voice i only got a name Dakota Erhardt. I also got the first name of his extremely talented guitar player Jimmy. One thing i can say is look out big time here comes Dakota Erhardt and The Doghouse Retreat. after that night not a week ago i decided that i am going to wonder around the area, and find out were all the local talent is. I am also gonna have to keep an eye on the band that insired me to do all of this The Doghouse Retreat.

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