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Music is experiencing perhaps its most dramatic shift in media. CDs have become as asinine as cassette tapes, laser discs, and vinyl while record companies struggle to attract new listeners. In response, we have created Media Arrow, a digital platform catering to musicians, labels, and listeners alike. Our web designers have managed to facilitate a website that allows artists to reach audiences across the world by posting their latest songs and videos, uploading newscasts, and communicating directly with fans. Media Arrow even authorizes participants to distribute and sell individual songs or entire albums on-line with DRM-protected technology. Listeners and industry A & R workers will listen to our members, both signed and unsigned, granting the opportunity to be discovered and break in the digital music world. In a changing market, you need someone who understands how to reach the right people. With innovative marketing and groundbreaking promotion, Media Arrow can turn your dreams of musical success into a reality.

Competition: /bands Think you have what it takes to win a multi-thousand dollar studio contract with a reputable music label? Media Arrow is searching for the best bands and artists across the country for the opportunity of a lifetime. We have assembled a panel of judges from some of the top American music companies as well as representatives from around the world to choose an artist with the most dedication, passion, and talent for a one album studio contract with a hefty signing bonus. Contestants will compete for fame, fans, and fortune, under the careful gaze of the music industry, waiting to sign and produce the next big act. Could it be you? Take a step towards success and sign up today!

/spokes model Do you have what it takes to be a spokes model? Media Arrow is conducting a nationwide spokesperson search, looking near and far for individuals who’ve got the looks, the voice, and the attitude. You’ll have the chance to build a fan base and network your image while marketing yourself to industry managers looking to sign young, attractive models who have the right mentality and performance charisma. And if the possibility of getting a contract isn’t enough, how about a multi-thousand dollar award for the winner? Sign up today!

/networking and interviews For the casual listener or the social networker, Media Arrow is the perfect place to discover hip new music and hot models, learn about upcoming shows and festivals, contact and receive information from local clubs and venues, and read groundbreaking articles and interviews conducted by our very own Media Arrow spokesmodel contestants. Media Arrow is constructing the ideal online music community for artists, fans, and industry workers alike. Whether you’re posting the next big hit, learning about the hottest underground acts, or looking to sign that fresh new sound, Media Arrow is the premier online music experience.


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