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dix hills, NY

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The Band
Local Band Network Member Since: March 17, 2004            Last Update: March 17, 2004
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Music types: Alternative, Top 40
Azwel is a project that involves New York songwriter Jason Perrillo. He describes the music as interesting melodic pop. The songs are influenced by various styles of music ranging from the early britpop sounds of Blur, Suede to Radiohead or even the Pet Shop Boys. All of the album recording sessions take place in his home studio.

Azwel released a debut album, "Hap End Void" in 2003. The loosely based themes of each song range from dark humor, fictional storytelling, to obscure event descriptions. Azwel released the second album "Diversions" only a half year later. The sound was taken much further in this release as it featured more acoustic instrument sounds and less programmed beats. Azwel's music is filled with lush landscapes and wonderful melodies. Melody is key in every song. Many b-sides that don't make it to the final album can be found on the single releases.

Throughout the year Azwel's songs have been reviewed online and have gotten very positive feedback such as "Track Of The Day" at garageband several times with the singles "Con Invade and Sue", "Forester" and " A Ship Called Who". A few songs were also feautred on a compilation by Sexy Karate Records.

There are no plans for live shows as of yet but always check back to the official site for information. Azwel is currently recording more songs for a possible third release. There are no other members in this band but its always a possibility.

Band Members:
Azwel consists of jason perrillo who writes, records and performed every instrument on the recordings.

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Their News and Events
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Latest News:
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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: N/A
diversions    diversions    diversions    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://azwel.cjb.net
Contact Name:  jason perrillo
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: New York-Long Island

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