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Deep South Speedway

The Venue
Local Band Network Member Since: June 16, 2008            Last Update: June 16, 2008
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Music types featured: Jazz/Blues, Country
Deep South Speedway is starting a new program for local artists to showcase their music! Would your band

like to reach thousands of people each week and not have to load the van to go play a gig? We host a large

crowd of folks every Saturday in Loxley, AL and I am sure they get tired of the same old music. What we

want to give the fans is something new, something fresh and something from people in our community!

What is Deep South Speedway? We are a 4/10 mile dirt race track located a few miles North of I-10 in

Loxley, AL. We run 7 different divisions of high-powered cars around a high banked clay oval. To get a

glimpse of the action, check out our website and then come join us this Saturday night!

So what I/we do? Send us a demo CD with permission to post it to our website (that has close to 500

register users and over 200,000 unique hits June2008), play it over the PA during our weekly shows, and possibly use

it for videos that we produce every week (20,000 YouTube views so far) and maybe on annual DVDs. To steer

clear of any copyright infringement, we can only use ORIGINAL music. You can send cover songs, but they

will only go into our private collection. When submitting your music, please provide written permission for

Deep South Speedway to use the music over the PA and in media productions.

So what do I get out of this deal? Virtually free exposure for your music and band. If we choose to use

your music, you will be listed on our website with the track(s) that we use. If you have a MySpace page,

website, or email address, we will be more than happy to send fans your way to purchase CDs and merchandise

or to simply find out where they can see you live. We will not handle the sales, but simply direct the

fans to you. The only cost to you is producing a quality demo CD and getting it to us. If you have the

music in MP3/WMA/OGG format, we would prefer it this way. Tip...Studio recordings will be more likely to

be selected.

Will Deep South Speedway make money off of our music? No. We are saving money by not paying royalties for

contract music (uh oh the truth is out), but the Speedway is not selling the music.

Bill Webb is the new owner of the speedway and has a strong family history of supporting the community. "I

would rather promote local music than pay some company so our guests hear the same music they hear

everywhere else." said Mr. Webb when presented with this program. We have all heard "Sweet Home Alabama"

and alot of us have played it, so why not hear something new? How can you hear the local greats without

going to live shows or searching the internet? The second one can be quite a daunting task sometimes.

What type of music are you looking for? Something that all ages can enjoy. Profanity WILL NOT be played

here. Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, Instrumental etc. You are welcome to send anything!

If you have questions/concerns or are simply ready to let us hear what you have, please contact Rick

Bullard @ Deep South Speedway. rbullard@deepsouthspeedway.com or 251-591-7735

Mail CDs to:

DSS Media ATTN: Rick 12775 6th St Lillian, AL 36549


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There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
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Their Contact Information
Alternate web site: http://deepsouthspeedway.com
Contact Name: Rick Bullard
E-mail address:  (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)
Address: (click for a map)
Hwy 59
Loxley, AL 36551
Phone: 251-591-7735
Locality:   Alabama-Mobile

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