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Band Details

Gaylon Pope & SweetWater

Pikeville, NC

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: June 22, 2012            Last Update: June 22, 2012
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Music types: Country, Oldies
Gaylon Pope and SweetWater, a sweet taste of Country, Good Time Oldies, Gospel and Down Home Humor!

Band Members:
Introducing Gaylon Pope & SweetWater Gaylon pope & SweetWater is a trio of vocalist who are committed to excellence! They approach every show with one agenda; to bring to the stage a show that will leave you wanting more! It is with that call to excellence that you will find their harmonies to be tight, their showmanship to be professional and their energy to be contagious! Gaylon pope & SweetWater are at home and very comfortable on any stage during their various show productions. Their productions range from a Country Variety Stage Show to an Oldies & Beach Music Show to a Church Concert. All of their productions are suitable for any audience and can be tailored to meet the need of any promoter. Whether it’s a Fair, Festival, Concert Hall, Performing Arts Theatre, Pool Side Stage or The Barn at The Farm, you will find Gaylon pope & SweetWater to be just the touch of entertainment you enjoy and can afford! ~ The Captain of this fine tuned ship is Gaylon Pope. Gaylon brings years of experience to any stage. His professional career began at the age of 17 with Larry Strickland (Husband of Naomi Judd) and The Glory Road Quartet. It was during this time that Gaylon and the group became the original PTL Singers for the PTL Television Network. They toured nationally making TV and radio appearances and also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. During the early 70’s the group became very well known for their incredible harmonies and stage dynamics; it was these attributes that landed them on shows with super stars like: Barbara Mandrell, Larry Gatlin, Dottie West, George Morgan, Jerry Clower, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many more. Other groups that Gaylon has been a part of through the years include: The Chordsmen, The Majestics, Jerry & The Singing Goffs. Gaylon also had the honor of appearing with JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet (Elvis Presley’s Back-up Vocals). He has remained very busy with his continued career in music performance. In 1997 he toured with North Carolina’s Ambassadors of Music and Beach Music legends, The Embers. After The Embers he had a 5 year run as a vocalist and MC on the American Music Jubilee Show (A Branson styled variety show). 2003 to May of 2010, Gaylon was General Manager, Producer & Performer for The Crystal Coast Jamboree in Morehead City, NC (Another Branson styled show). It was during this time that he was presented the key to the city by Mayor Jerry Jones for his contribution of Family Entertainment to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Gaylon has been affectionately titled “Mr. Entertainment” by his loyal supporters, fans and locals of the Crystal Coast. This is a title that Gaylon does not take lightly. It is his philosophy that “A good singer is always in search of a good song; but a good entertainer will always have a job.” To this Gaylon has always tried to stay true. Gaylon brings a standard of excellence to any production or event. He is sought after as a Vocalist Performer, Master of Ceremony & Producer. He is a “Seasoned Entertainer” who gives every show and event 110-percent! With his rich vocals, comedic antics, Master of Ceremony Charisma, and stage energy, you are sure to enjoy his performance. ~ To the left side of the Captain you will fine Kerry-Jo Mozingo. Strike the match and show her the stage, then get ready for all engines at full thrust! Kerry-Jo is the blonde of the trio and the one who sets the energy. From the first note to the last, she will entertain you with her textured vocals and stage appeal! She too is a seasoned entertainer that loves to make an audience happy. But whatever you do, stand back when she hits the stage… because the firecracker is in the building! ~ To the right of the Captain is Jill Stroud. The “steady as she goes, but let’s rock the ship”! Jill, on most nights is the brunette, but don’t blink or she may change it... But color is what she’s all about. With pure harmonies smooth as silk, Jill adds all the color to the Trios sound. A bit shy, but keep your eye on her, because before you know it, she’s up front and in your face with a solo feature that will have your taste-buds yelling for more! ~ Every Captain needs a ‘First Mate’. To fill that roll, Mark Midkiff steps to the wheel. Mark is Gaylon’s business partner and friend of many years. He is the type of friend who has been there through good times and bad, always with support and with an “I’ve got your back” attitude. Mark is the glue that holds the ship together. He is very involved in the stage production and keeps eye & ear on the trio as they strive for that goal of excellence. Mark has a keen since of how a show should flow and how the over all sound and look of the show should be delivered. Make no mistake about it… there is no end to this man’s talent who keeps the ship on course. A team? You better believe it! Professional in show and business? No doubt about it! Great vocalist & Entertainers? They’ve been compared to the best! Will you love their show? You decide… Book them today and see…

CenterStage Entertainment * PO Box 1011 * Pikeville, NC 27863 / 919-915-1422

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
No news reported
Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Discography: No CDs entered
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.gaylonpopeandsweetwater.com
Contact Name:  Gaylon Pope
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: North Carolina-Greenville

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