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Band Details

Second Hand Sex

Covington , KY

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: December 15, 2010            Last Update: May 29, 2011
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Music types: Punk, Ska
Second Hand Sex has surrenderd at last. do to indifferences and a small list of personal reasons, Jesse and Nick can no longer be found playing music with Corey Smith at this time. this does sadden Jesse and Nick, and we would both like it to be noted that the three of us remain friends with Jesse and Nick having the utmost respect for Corey and his decisions, and we hope that Corey can also accept and respect myself and Nicks desicion to continue on as pumpkin slut. we will still be playing Second Hand Sex songs with Pumkpin Slut, and will always give Corey the Credit, love, and respect for having a role in what made second hand sex as great as it is, now living on with second hand sex. and while we are not officially releasing the END of Second Hand Sex, it can be expected that Second Hand Sex will be living on through Pumpkin Slut with Billy Ray Johnson the 3rd on guitar and vocals for further questions and information we will still be using our contact email at secondhandsexbooking@yahoo.com and will still be updating ALL the Second Hand Sex sites. Thanks to both Corey, and Billy, as well as Brian, and James formally of Pumkpkin Slut. we hope to not have offended or upset these good friends with this change.

Previously to this change we were a 3 piece thrash punk band from cincinnati, while this still lives on it will not be the same. please check out our you tube videos for both second hand sex and pumpkin slut as well as our myspaces and facebooks. thanks to all the fans!!

Band Members:
Billy Johnson- Guitarist and lead singer extraordinaire. member for 4 years, the front main and leader of all things in your face

Nick Bungenstock- bassist and backing voxs. brings the SEXy into second hand sex.

Jesse Mairose- drummer and lead singer. ridiculous fast shredding of the skins.

Corey Smith- FORMER guitarist and singer for Second Hand Sex prior to the merger with pumpkin slut. he will be and is still missed by Jesse and Nick as well as all the fans

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
guys, please read our bio, and understand the MAJOR change we have undergone. you can always email as at secondhandsexbooking@yahoo.com for any questions or comments, and even with the change we have undergone we will still be updating all of the second hand sex sites with news on pumpkin slut. that being said we are live at the mad hatter in covington ky thursday june second with wolves beard and scarengella! come check out the new line up and the band thats trying to make a serious statement for hardcore horror punk in Cincinnati!!!

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Discography: No CDs entered
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://wix.com/secondhandsex/secondhandsex.com
Contact Name:  Jesse Mairose
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Kentucky-Lexington

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