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Band Details

Backfire Band

Winlock, WA

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: July 8, 2008            Last Update: July 8, 2008
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Music types: Country, Southern Rock
BACKFIRE band has been rockin' around since 2000. BACKFIRE plays a wide variety of high energy country music, classic rock, southern rock and even a few blues tunes. They focus on songs that are most popular.

BACKFIRE performs at a number of Northwest clubs and casino's on a rotating schedule (see "Our Schedule"). BACKFIRE has also preformed at many private and public engagements, (street dances, fairs, rodeo's, special events, anniversaries, weddings, birthday’s, luau’s, etc.)

Band Members:
Rodney Givens (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Rodney "Rod" Duane Givens was born March 24, 1970 to Don & Juley Givens. The "baby" of three children, he attended schools in Centralia, WA graduating in1988. He currently lives in Winlock, WA - (Home of the Worlds Largest Egg). To support his music habit, he is employed full-time as a heavy equipment operator for a large construction company based in Gig Harbor, WA. Rod is a long time member of the Operating Engineers Union. He and his wife Lesa have two children, Kara and Jacob. Lesa handles the booking and promotions for the band and runs the sound board at most Backfire shows.Rod started playing guitar and singing at the young age of 10. Back then, he performed solo acts for family and friends (and anyone else who might be willing to listen). Through his teen years and early adulthood he performed with a couple of bands as a "background artist". In 2000, Rod started the band, "BACKFIRE" in which he assumed the roll of lead singer and rhythm guitar player. The band performs a wide variety of country music and classic rock & roll. With an incredible group of musicians beside him, "BACKFIRE" has taken off like a wildfire. Rod most admires the late "Waylon Jennings" for his breakthrough style of country music in addition to the current artistic style of the group, "Montgomery Gentry". He says regularly that his love for music will never end. "It's something that gets in your blood and it's an addiction".

Jim Albrecht (Bass Guitar & Vocals)

Jim Albrecht grew up, attended school and graduated in the coastal town of Hoquiam, WA. Jim's father sang and played in a band and his mother sang in the church choir. With such a musical family influence, Jim picked up on and expanded his family talents, learning to play guitar at the age of 10. He was in his first band at age 13. During his young years, Jim joined the choir class and honed in on the skills of vocal harmony. By playing with various young musicians, he settled with his first longtime band, "Bad News". As the band grew from four members to seven, Jim named the band "Fantasy". They played all over the harbor until 1983. Job changes caused Jim, his wife and 2 children to move to the small town of Rochester, where he still lives today. In 1986, he joined a southern country band called "North-Forty". The band played all over Lewis County until their split up in 1991. At that time, Jim formed his own band, "Branded", which featured Jim as the frontman and guitar player. After three years, Jim split the band to rejoin "North-Forty". "Branded" band frequently plays, still to this day. After the "North-Forty" band split up in 1997, Jim and his partner, Roy (Mr. North-Forty himself), endeavored on a writing/ singing/recording project, which is yet to be completed. Once again single, Jim started attending all of the local jam sessions he could find. It was during this time that he met Rod Givens, the leader and founder of the "Backfire" band. Jim was offered a bass playing position with "Backfire", to which he accepted. Jim had also learned to play bass guitar at an early age and he often played bass in at least a few songs in all the bands he had been in. Playing bass guitar offered Jim the new challenge of playing bass and singing background vocal harmonies...both at the same time. (Which he thinks is entirely backwards compared to playing and singing with a regular six-string guitar). He thoroughly enjoys himself when he plays and it shows in his performances. If you were to ask him, away from the crowd, he'll admit that he misses playing lead guitar a little. "It's nice to be a star once in a while too", he says with a smile. Jim Albrecht has been playing bass guitar for "Backfire" since November 2002. He was recently married to his beautiful wife, Cher.

Jerry McGinnis (Lead Guitar & Vocals)

Jerry makes his home in the small community of Vader, Wa. He has been playing music for more than 35 years! (He must have started when he was two). Over the course of his career, he has performed in clubs all over Western Washington. Over the years, he has played lead guitar and sang in several Northwest bands, including "Shadow", "Tyrus", "J.A.B." and "Colt". Jerry has a diverse musical background including country, R&B, blues and rock. Jerry joined Backfire in 2002 as the lead guitarist and sings background vocals. In his "off-time" he enjoys painting old cars and (imagine this)... playing music.

Tom Spahr (Drums & Vocals)

Tom began playing drums in 1964 on a set of Red Sparkle Pearl’s that belonged to his brother Jim. He is self-taught and learned his initial chops playing to 45 and 33-1/3 records of his favorite bands including, but not limited to: The Beatles; The Beach Boys; Eric Burton and the Animals; The Byrds and many others. Over the years, Tom has been associated with several bands including:

“The Taxmen” (1966-1969). The taxmen played at many of the local high school after game dances. In the summer of 69, The Taxmen went on an extended tour with Buffalo Springfield. The tour took them to many of the large armories in Western and Eastern Washington and Oregon. A major draw for The Taxmen was Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. They were in high demand for many fraternity and sorority house parties at Whitman and were well compensated for the long trips across the state.

“Soldier” (1973-1976). Soldier was based out of Seattle and enjoyed playing numerous clubs in the Puget Sound area. They also toured extensively throughout the 11 western states and 2 provinces in Canada. In 1975, with a demo tape of original songs recorded in a Seattle studio, Soldier headed for L A and had meetings with representatives of Mercury, Capital, ABC/Dunhill and A&M Records. A record contract was not to be but the boys had a good time and learned a lot about the recording industry.

“Tilt” (1977-1981). Tilt was a prequel to “J.A.B.”. The band started out with Barry Gilmon, Jerry McGinnis, Bob Bradon and Tom Spahr. In 1978, Bob left the band and was replaced by Ron McGinnis. Thus began the years of the McGinnis Brothers tandem lead guitars. In fact, there were some gigs we did where we were simply known as “The McGinnis Brothers Band”. “City Rock” (1982-1987). This band enjoyed playing in a club scene that is no longer available to Rock n’ Roll enthusiasts in the Lewis County area. Clubs such as Bodies, Martha’s Bar & Grill, J.C. Rascals, The Warehouse and The Club at Newaukum Valley Golf.

“J.A.B. (Just Another Band)” (1988-2002)

“Fat Daddy Long Legs” (2002-2005)

“Backfire Band” (2005 – Present)

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Localities: Washington-Olympia

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