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Band Details

Tony Gits

Space Coast, FL

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: August 5, 2004            Last Update: August 7, 2004
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Music types: Reggae

Born in Kingston Jamaica, the reggae capital of the World, Tony is recognized as a talented composer, producer, arranger, guitarist, vocalist, percussionist and drummer. Tony relocated to Canada in 1975 touring with the internationally known Ernie Smith and his band Roots Revival as vocalist and percussionist. Tony later became one of the founding members of the Reggae group "BLOOD FIRE" which performed at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica in 1982. In 1984 Tony relocated to California to embark on his solo career as vocalist and guitarist, performing at various venues in Hollywood and Los Angeles. While in LA Tony recorded the album "Give Jah The Praise" .In addition he performed with several bands and supported established stars such as Leroy Smart, Hortense Ellis, Leroy Siblis and Don Carlos in stage productions.

Band Members:
When I was A Boy


I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. We lived five minutes away from "Studio One", the first Recording Studio ever operated in Jamaica. My sister and I had to walk past this studio twice a day on our way to and from school. We would have to take the bus from Cross Roads to Half-Way-Tree. On our daily journey we would notice a long line of musicians and singers hoping to be noticed and perhaps get their "big break" There were all sorts of people hanging around, some were ligitimate others were only looking for an easy victim to rob. One day, while on our usual trip past "Studio One", I felt a hard, sharp implement pushing into my side, I was to be the next victim, the object was a knife and the holder was after my lunch money. This was not a rare occurance, we were frequently parted from our money. Imagine not having any money to get on the bus and having to walk to and from school. Also imagine being at school all day with nothing to eat or drink because some criminal took your money. On one occasion we even got punished by my mother because we got home late as we had to walk home. Later on in life I realized that these people were poor and probably hungry. The phrase "starving artist" comes to mind, they would stand in the hot Jamaican sun with no food or water waiting to get their chance at the big life. Those who were noticed would sell their song to Studio One for ten pounds, and even if that song became a hit record that was all they got! As time went on I became well known among the artists and the people at Studio One, this spared me from further robberies and I was allowed to walk in peace. Studio One was owned by the Coxsone,family and Mother Coxsone, soon noticed me. She would give me "test pressings" which were warped and of no use to them. I would hurry home to play them. This was the beginning of my love for and facination with music and the music business. After twentysix years in the music business I am able to understand the hardships those artists faced. It was even more difficult for these pioneers as there were no other studios to go to. They had no choice but to stand and wait and take whatever price was offered for. their work.

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: Roadside Productions
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Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://tonygits.com/tg
Contact Name:  Tony Gits
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Florida-Keys
Florida-Panama City

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