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Band Details

the lizardz

wis rapids, WI

the lizardz's logo

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: November 4, 2004            Last Update: November 9, 2007
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Music types: Rock, Pop
Central Wisconsin's very own "Under-the-Radar" classic rock experience for over 13 years

Band Members:
One of Central Wisco's most popular bands, The Lizardz, are looking for a drummer!

We offer paying gigs, studio/rehearsal space, web presence, and much more!


http://thelizardz.com/ http://www.weavils.com/lizardz.htm

Welcome to Jeff's Page! Hey Lizard friends! Glad to finally get my very own portal page to say what I want about me! Cool. As any regular Lizard fan knows, I play for a bunch of spin-off bands and these guys are definitely one of them. Ba-doom. But lemme tell you, I'm glad to be working with these guys. Besides the outrageous salary they throw my way, I think they're totally the most versatile band I play with! The Lizardz do everything under the sun and then some. Watch for my upcoming column in the Lizard Gazette and visit my other known sites: www.weavils.com. and trbazaar.com for all my band info, insights, wisdom, and assorted craziness...

--------------------------- Welcome to Travis' Page! Glad to be here for a year! -------------------------------------

Welcome to Brenda's Page! My name is Brenda and I'm one of the newest members of the band. I was born and raised in Stevens Point, headed to Milwaukee for college, and have been working as a paralegal at Nash Podvin ever since. I'm a working mom with a great family--husband Mike and two wonderful kids, Camen and Ryan. I also help with the annual Rapids Hot Air Balloon Rally, which raises money for the Children's Miracle Network. There's plenty of live music, hot air balloons, plane and helicopter rides, a craft sale, food, and more. We're even planning on fireworks again this year! Mark your calendars for the weekend before Labor Day weekend so you don't miss it! Ever since I was a little kid I thought that it would be so cool to be in a band. My dad was in a band in his college days and I have wonderful memories of sitting around the campfire, singing along as he sang and played guitar. Only two things held me back: 1) I was scared to death to get up in front of people, and 2) well, I didn't have a band. A few years ago a friend of mine managed to convince me to get up and sing karaoke. After I finally lost the anxiety shakes, I was hooked. Then the guys asked me to sing with them about a year ago, and I must say, it's been a blast so far! Although I'm a country girl at heart (haven't missed Countryfest in four years), I really like to sing the range of songs that we perform. If you catch one of our new shows, you'll catch me strapping on an acoustic guitar for a little change of pace. Watch for our acoustic sets, because we really dip into some gems from all four musical styles - rock, roll, country, and western! I'd like to wish all Lizard fans, from the long timers to all of you new ones peace and happiness! See ya there! ---------------------------------------

Welcome to Mark's Page! Wow, I get my own web page at last! Here you'll find a short bio, my "professional" site, and, a gallery of my photography and digital images! So, I'm the keyboard player for this ragtag bunch of musical prodigies. I've played with Milo and Grant since, well, forever. We actually go back to around 1973 and probably earlier, playing in high school bands in Wisconsin Rapids. After losing touch for several years in college and as we settled in to our "professional" careers, the infamous McNasty's jams did indeed bring us together. After ten years of teaching elementary art, I decided it was time to do something for me or I'd regret it forever, and soon the Lizards were born. I am a confirmed equipment junkie, and have a hard time passing up a good deal on a keyboard. My current collection includes: a Roland Fantom 88S, a Roland A-30 controller keyboard, a Hammond XP2, a Marotta 12-button bass accordion, a new Melodica, two vintage Wulitzer 200 electric pianos, a Wurlitzer accordion, and my pride and joy, a MotionSound Pro3D amp. My performance rig is the Hammond, Fantom, Marotta, melodica, and the MotionSound. Still way too many chords to plug in, but you can't beat the sound! I currently teach high school photography, graphic design, and digital imaging, and am going on 25 years in the profession. The band is the best therapy I know, and is still a lot cheaper than a shrink! --------------------------------------------

Welcome to Grant's Page! Hi. I'm Grant. I play bass for the Lizards. I use a Hoffner Beatle bass (a vintage one!), an ancient Hagstrom bass, and a Fender Bassman amp. That's it. I also sing and do harmonies. I don't like technology and I just got a computer and it isn't even hooked up yet, so this page is probably all you'll ever get! I have played with Milo and Mark since forever, and love the Lizardz because it's way better than working in a paper mill! -----------------------------

Welcome to Milo's Page! I'm Milo and I'm proud to be known as a Lizard. I'm the rhythm guitar player for the band. I also am the recording engineer for much of the recording we do in the studio. My day job is a computer teacher and IT manager for the local Catholic parochial schools. I've also been a computer technician, salesman, and electronics engineer. I've been playing music since I was an embryo, I think. From high school bands to touring with Uncle Ozzie (not that Ozzie...) and playing with Frankie Yankovic during their heyday as polka kings of the midwest. I have had the time of my life these past 12 years as a Lizard, and look forward to many more blissful years crankin' out Lizard hits for all of you. I currently play a Takaminie acoustic guitar, a couple of Jay Terser Gibson clones (inexpensive yet mischievious) and a Peavey Bluesman amp. I also am the proud owner of a vintage Fender Electric XII twelve string. Yep, it's a beauty. My favorite recording mike is a Russian condenser mic that mimics a Neuman-style mic. Strange but true. The Beatles and Badfinger are my heroes, but lately I've been a big Todd Rundgren freak too. If it's been awhile, check out some early Todd with the Nazz or some mid-70's Utopia from a good dose of classic prog rock.

The Lizardz rule!

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW DRUMMER...please contact us

******************One of Central Wisco's most popular bands, The Lizardz, are looking for a drummer!

We offer paying gigs, studio/rehearsal space, web presence, and much more!


http://thelizardz.com/ http://www.weavils.com/lizardz.htm ************* www.thelizardz.com

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
early springtime rainfall    gypsy moth    who do    point special beer    landslide    perfection    after the gold rush    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.thelizardz.com
Contact Name:  jeff gauss
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Wisconsin-Green Bay

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