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Band Details

School/Band of Skyline AZN Musicians

San Francisco, CA

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: May 8, 2006            Last Update: May 30, 2006
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Music types: Electronic, Industrial
School (or Band) of Skyline Asian Musicians! School of Audio / Skyline's music club. Computers, MIDI, Asian friends from Skyline College, and mainly the rock & roll project of a computer and Skyline College AZN kids!

Band of Skyline AZN Musicians - The Roots & History

School of Audio (or Audio Rage) is Patrick Lew’s current new musical project, which he formed right after Samurai Sorcerers breakup in August 2005 with computers and musical instruments he picked up or rented from Guitar Center. Joining him was his college friend Zack Huang (who had a short run as Samurai Sorcerers MIDI keyboardist in May) on keyboards. Zack was a big help for Patrick in getting computer applications and setting up a studio in Patrick Lew’s bedroom at home. Sadly, Zack left School of Audio to focus more on college and a film career. Soon, a few Samurai Sorcerers websites evolved into Audio Rage ones.

For Audio Rage, session musicians were hired from an ad on Craigslist.org...But after those musical career attempts failed to re-create the magic of Samurai Sorcerers, School of Audio Rage remained a one-man band. Usually at school, music played a big education role in the life of Patrick Lew, David Arceo and others at Skyline. At the college cafeteria, the two used the internet on the computers over there to check out Patrick's musical work with Audio Rage...And sometimes after school, the circle of friends hang around Serramonte Shopping Mall in Daly City. Patrick often went inside the music store and Hot Topic as a hangout.

Although Patrick Lew knew who future Band of Asians group member Augusto Hernandez was, the two never hanged out during Patrick's time at Skyline. As School of Audio, Patrick’s time at Skyline College showcased a way for him to play more gigs in public. He got rid of his Silent Minister nickname because he didn’t want to hurt the faith of his best friend Shannon Misfud (who is Catholic) and she and his other friend David “Knuckles” Arceo from Skyline gave Patrick Lew the nickname Audio after his new band. Patrick and David were School of Audio at the time, but other friends joined along to play music at the college. When Patrick left Skyline, he and David remained close. He and David began creating music together in April 2006, the new Audio Rage song “Night Vision” was one of them. 8 new musical ideas and sketches became 8 possible songs for School of Audio’s album “Revenge.” Some essential websites to the band is their MySpace profile. But musical dreams and connections came straight out of this college, and the musicians of Asian race and creed knew music and garage band fun was the answer to life's toughest problems. So slightly that when the band of Asian rockers formed in early 2006 at Skyline College, the schools Asian kids had a musical and personal connection within the group. Audio (born Patrick Lew, November 15, 1985; guitar, keyboards) only went to Skyline for school for a few months, but was in Knuckles (born David Arceo, March 15, 1987; turntables, MC) reading class and became very close friends. In this Band, Audio and Knuckles formed the Band of AZN Musicians first. When Audio was expelled from Skyline College in April 2006, he would soon meet Augusto Hernandez (born January 12, 1986; bass) on the popular networking site MySpace.com, and got an e-mail to start a Band. The bandname Band of Skyline AZN Musicians was random. It was actually a musical experiment and idea where each of the boys from Skyline made music as serious amateurs or for fun.

While Audio and Knuckles were close friends, usually going to the City of SF to play video games at the PlayStation store or when at Audios house, making electronic music through a computer and iPod turntables. Augusto came later on in the group and band club when Audio and him had an idea for a band practice, which eventually became the Bands first live performance (even though it was at Audios bedroom), first demo of their music together and the Band of AZN Musicians from Skyline doing an imaginary show. Recently, when Patrick Lew reestablished connections with his college musician friends from Skyline College on MySpace.com, he and an old friend from that school formed the musical group Band of Skyline Asians, which features musicians that are Asian and students of Skyline College, and on May 7, 2006; the Skyline Asians got into School of Audio's studio to record five MP3 songs for a self-titled live EP. The Skyline Asians features Patrick Lew, David "Knuckles" Arceo and Augusto Hernandez...Which the musicians from Skyline agreed to make music together.

For Band of Skyline AZN Musicians websites via internet, just go on the group's MySpace Music profile for blogs, music and photos @ www.myspace.com/bandofskylineazns

Band Members:
Audio - MIDI Instruments / Rhythm Guitar / Piano

School of AUDIO RAGE is my OWN solo project and promotion, sorta one-man band thing. I founded this group when mah former bandmembers from my old band Samurai Sorcerers left me hangin' to do this other musical group Sapien. I make beats/instrumentals on a PC or Mac, and showcase it 2 people through flyers or online advice. I was a musician doin' Samurai Sorcerers as a starving band for 2 or 3 years until we separated on bad terms back in September of 2005, I must say. So I done AUDIO RAGE for my career ever since. At some point, I tried to get other musicians to join AUDIO RAGE through ad on Craigslist.org but to no avail.

I virtually replaced all the members of the crew to gain extra freedom by playing in Audio Rage, and to ignore the "garage band drama" musicians had to face @ band practices in the studio making our music or backstage a "Battle of the Bands" gig/show. It doesn't fuckin' matter if I am using a computer to make most of this F'N music! As long as I have a "band in the box!"

Band of Skyline AZN Musicians was a really FUN side project for me to do when I can't finish da music for the "Revenge" album for Samurai Sorcerers/Audio Rage. I was once a student @ Skyline College, I met the woman I still love there named Frankie and I also had a fun time at that school with musicians and friends. I miss being there too, cuz' this fookin' piece of bloody cunt garbage Aaron Cheng got me expelled in a fight we had outside the college campus. My best friend David "Knuckles" Arceo was from Skyline, and he will always be my best pal and group member (which I taught him to do MIDI on computers) of Band of Skyline Asians, ya know mate? I met Augusto on MySpace.com in April 2006, and I knew him @ school though...But I didn't meet him and got him to join the J-ROCK ENSEMBLE until he gave me an e-mail on MySpace.com, that fuckin' bloody trendy dating wbesite man! So me and Augusto got together and I met him at the subway in SF near my house and we got into me bedroom to make music for a "live-in-the-studio" EP as a scrapbook of memories of mah time in Skyline College.

It's a great musical experinece, but also a painful thing too...Because I miss being @ that school, and sometimes I want the girl I met there Frankie to finally be in my romance, lad. Funny to say man, but I have my music and art...But all I really need in my life is a WIFE. I also am freaked out about going back to City College of San Francisco next month cuz' I dunno what school is gonna be like again, man. Hate to say but, Skyline Asians serves as my swansong to my education @ that school.


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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Live Demo 2006    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://music.mp3lizard.com/bandofskylineazns
Contact Name:  Audio AKA Patrick Lew
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: California-Oakland/East Bay

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