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Patrick Lew's Band

Antioch, CA

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: May 6, 2006            Last Update: June 6, 2011
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Music types: Grunge, Hardcore Punk
Patrick Lew's Band is a local American hard rock band, founded in San Francisco, California in 2001. Although some sources list the solo rock band's formation around 1999. While mainly known and recognized in their hometown in the independent music scene, they are often consistently promoting their recordings and information via Internet on websites such as MySpace and Soundclick. The band and its music is known for eccentricity style-wise, writing songs using unconventional storytelling and theme, and often is very informative in presenting their stories and experiences as local musicians on various websites. Much of Patrick Lew's Band's musical exposure and revenue came through limited public appearances promotion and performing-wise, and mainly through a do-it-yourself approach to marketing, hyping and promotion via Internet. The band can be seen as the solo project for San Franciscan Asian American musician, artist and Internet celebrity Patrick Lew. His musical genre and focus can be best described as a fusion of contemporary punk and late 80's/early 90's hard rock, with songwriting ideas discussing social and personal themes of introspection.

HISTORY Taiwanese-American underground rock musician and Internet personality Patrick Lew (born November 15, 1985 in San Francisco) began his music career and pursuit at age 13 in the summer of 1999 when he was learning guitar and composition at a local music store. And quickly formed his first band with his childhood schoolmate and friend Tommy Loi, called Goldeneweasel. Despite limited musical expertise and proficiency at the time. Lew's first serious band was Silent Minister (also known as Samurai Sorcerers), which was founded when he was a freshmen at Raoul Wallenberg High School in San Francisco. Lew began promoting and DIY'ing his own music and work locally and via Internet as early as 2001, at the age of 15 on social-networking and indie music websites. That same year, he issued and independently self-released his first demo tape, titled Live! Like A Garage Band! which featured songwriting ideas Lew had composed on his guitar and written lyrically when starting out as a local musician making ends meet as early as 1998 or 1999. Lew played rhythm guitar and founded the project with schoolmates, often performing music as hobbyists and a Garage band. He attempted to take music seriously, and considering to pursue music as a career whilst still teenagers. In October 2002, the band Silent Minister performed in the "Battle of the Bands" event at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall and later due to constant promotion of their recordings and band kit via Internet, was signed to a Los Angeles indie record label Statue Records, until May 2005 when Silent Minister disbanded due to musical and professional differences. During 2005, Lew took a year-long sabbatical from college education at City College of San Francisco to play and pursue music and guitar playing with others. At the time, Lew's ambitions in music were to get himself noticed and some degree of success, but recently is focused on music as a part-time career and pursuit. Lew later attended City College of San Francisco, where he met a close schoolmate and keyboardist Zack Huang and formed the nu-metal band Band of Asians. Lew's musical background and history mainly consisted of recording and playing guitar, bass and writing his own songs and singing in his former projects. And posting them through websites via Internet. Many of Lew's song ideas were viewed as unconventional or amateur-ish, early on in the years when he began promoting his home-made tracks online. Lew's music received mixed to negative reviews from critics initially, but in recent years, his music has fared somewhat better reception musically, socially and personally. Although, much of the musical activity for Lew was recording demos at home and posting his music via Internet, and sporadic live performances at bars locally in the Bay Area. Much of Lew or his former band's live events were reportedly to been poorly attended or vaguely recognized, but stories and recollections were told by Lew on his blogging or music website, due to lack of their networking bringing in audio and video recording devices such as digital cameras, to film their performances and other reasons. During most of 2007, Lew and his former band Band of Asians undertook a major local San Francisco promotional gigging tour. In 2008, after three years of performing and writing music with Band of Asians with schoolmates he known from community college, Lew launched Patrick Lew's Band as a complimation of previous works with former bands and his solo material. Currently, the band consists of Lew in the studio recording demos and posting new tracks via Internet. And remains a serious ambition and hobby for Lew, as he's currently on hiatus from the local music scene to finish up college. In recent years, Lew has pursued music individually in his hometown region of Northern California, and on October 30, 2009, has gotten engaged to his long-time female friend Faith Tanner, which his fiancee and himself founded a modernized 80's glam metal band called Your Audio 2 Riot. Alongside with the recent marital engagement and formation of Lew's side project Your Audio 2 Riot, Lew has recently published and released his forth home-recorded studio album, Let It Rise And Against on iTunes and other digital retailers. And, has been recently active on YouTube creating home-made produced videos of himself performing his music and song ideas on his guitar and accompanied by his voice, and music industry website ReverbNation.com ranked Patrick Lew's music and his solo project at a peaked #51 most famous musician in his local area under the Rock category in February 2010. In the March 2008 issue of Recording Magazine, Lew was featured in the classified ads section promoting his former band, the Band of Asians, and their website. Aside from creating, performing and advertising independently produced Alternative Rock music, some of Patrick Lew's expertise as an Internet personality and celebrity consists of photography and writing blogs and stories of his recollections with his involvement in the culture, arts and recreation in the San Francisco Bay Area region. A lot of Lew's photography and writings are found exclusively on certain sections of his music websites and other related sources, which he has advertised his artwork and music on. During 2010, Patrick took a brief sabbatical from music to invest time in his relationship with his long-time female friend Faith Lambright (now Faith Lew) and their musical side project, formerly known as Your Audio 2 Riot now called Shanghai Kiss. Amidst many difficulties and personal controversies that Patrick Lew endured and experienced throughout most of 2010, he reconciled with his fiancee/soon-to-be wife Faith, and directed most of his focus on playing in garage bands with college friends in San Francisco's East Bay and determined to graduate college with a Bachelors Degree in music education and Philosophy. Currently a freelance local musician performing in his Antioch home recording studio/band rehearsal room as a hobby, Lew is enthusiastic and open about performing with a serious rock band locally and pursuing success in the field of musical entrepreneurship. Lew's music and sound has consistently evolved or changed direction over the years, from his earlier primitive lo-fi recorded post-hardcore and nu metal output from his early to mid 2000s years musically, to his more recent broadening and branching to other genres such as an attempted fusion of 1980s hair metal and Seattle grunge with contemporary punk and modern arena rock. Alongside, some dabbling with Stones-influenced blues-rock. While Patrick Lew's Band does not play live, tour or makes promotional appearances publicly, most of the one-man band's revenue comes through Lew's social-networking and consistent do-it-yourself approach to advertising his music on the Internet. By early June of 2011, Patrick Lew published his 5th album as a solo musician/artist titled "Murder Bay" as a free digital MP3 album download on file-sharing websites. Earlier in 2011, he also performed his first publicized live musical performance at his university Cal State East Bay for a much-hyped open mic event.

<Awards & Certifications Year Award Category 2004 "Band of the Month" Soundclick.com 2007 "Artist of the Year" Dmusic.com 2010 "Most Improved Musician" Soundclick.com 2011 "44th Most Famous Bay ReverbNation.com Area Musician/Band"

Band Members:
"The unique J-grunge sound of Patrick Lew, channeling The Beatles, Nirvana, Green Day, Poison and even Elvis, head bangs social, political and philisophical barriers with his muse (the Caucasian Faith) making him the most exciting Asian American rock guitar hero ever to break out of the garage!"

Introduction written by Kelvin Han Yee

25 year old Patrick Lew is a Punk/Hard Rock/Rock & Roll underground internet musician who's music and style is unique and 100% his own. He is an Asian- American born male brought up in the Bay Area of Northern California. And while is musical talent is different from anything anyone has ever heard, it is interestingly unconventional yet gifted. He has been a songwriter and guitarist since his early teens and has developed his own empowering sense of electrifying and dynamic style. While it is true he has played rhythm guitar and bass in several bands with old friends and acquaintances, Patrick has that found his muse is better suited for solo career opportunity rather than bandmate material. A few interesting yet not surprising musical influences of his are The Beatles, Silverchair, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Green Day, Poison, Pearl Jam, White Lion, and even artists such as Elvis and Bryan Adams. His most self-influential genre of music is Rock, Punk, Hard Rock and of course Rock & Roll. However, his musical talent can be linked to quite a few different eras and different cultural regions of music and art, including Japanese Pop. Patrick is currently studying to receive his B.A. in Philosophy at CSU East Bay and has future aspirations to receive another B.A. in Music while perhaps at a different university in California. Patrick does have an interesting marriage and personal relationship with his wife, Faith Lew. They have been together currently for 5 years. She does sometimes help him collaborate on some of his music.

EPK band bio written by Faith Lew

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Curb Your Wild Life    Let It Rise And Against!    Murder Bay    Psychotic Love    Revenge    
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Alternate web site:  http://www.myspace.com/patricklewsband
Contact Name:  Patrick Lew
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Localities: California-Oakland/East Bay

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