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Audio Rage

San Francisco, CA

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: November 20, 2005            Last Update: June 13, 2006
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Music types: Grunge, Industrial
Audio’s Music and Band in the Box…School of Audio! Long Live Musician and Artist, Audio AKA Patrick Lew!

A trip to the music store was what Audio did to get his musical instruments and computer applications created the musical group formerly known as Samurai Sorcerers now called Audio Rage.

BACK IN TIME on May 8, 2004, Audios band of high school musicians Samurai Sorcerers were the most infamous band in the Bay Area as they played music for gigs across the CITY. Tens of few had stayed at the playground or school talent show to cash in on Audio and Eddie Blackburns Samurai Sorcerers play that show in support of their album Psychotic Love which was due out around Christmas. The album Psychotic Love finally was available through the Samurai Sorcerers and Audios website. The one that started it all! But by the summer of 2005 their fortunes and careers had changed. After 3 years of drug addiction, musical controversies, onstage tantrums and occasional drama, their members began to drift away fast, their co-leader Audio had become bogged down in personal hardships, and The Blizzard of Sound, a collection of rock n roll songs recorded in Eddies house, had been released to mixed reviews and disappointing sales.

The members of Audios band of Samurai Sorcerers what was left of it emerged at Eddies house to begin the band practice. A room with a pool table and two video game consoles, they began to prepare for their next album, which the group expected to release some time the next year. But what was once music and rock ensemble magic quickly began suffering from an illness that has proved fatal to bands from time onwards immemorial: BOREDOM.

Mr. Patrick Lew himself tried to hire new musicians by placing ads in the local newspaper, and that proved to be a disaster with bad results.

An electronica mix called Battle Royale, released on Samurai Sorcerers website, would be the last addition to the original ROCK BANDs catalog. Eddie and bassist Shawn quit the band on August 2005, and so did the Asian girls who played the instruments for the Samurai Sorcerers anime show. Of the founding members and survivors, Audio was just left. But rather dwell on the past he created the de facto Samurai Sorcerers project: Audio Rage. He did it all with the computer, instruments he got from Guitar Center and sometimes (but rarely) studio musicians hired from a paper ad.

He had a few musicians hired for studio time for a short-term job to make Audio Rage and the music come alive, guitarist Mark Hawkins only played a job for ONE DAY in the studio with Audio and the revised band. Audio and a good friend Zack Huang then assembled Audio Rages home and workshop which was the studio became a rockers playground: Two video game consoles, home entertainment system, a huge DVD and record library, state-of-the-art computer applications and equipment and as many as 10 instruments lying around. But Audio wasnt just there for fun and games. Zack stepped in to produce some song ideas in the studio near the end of 2005, and visited the bedroom workshop when Audio and him began talking about the project and music, and insisted his friend Patrick Lew (or Audio) can focus more on composing and playing.

At band practice on Dec 22, 2005, Zack and Audio managed to study Audio Rages musical ideas on a notebook and called the first shot the song Asian Woman Blues which became the new revised bands first original song (Mr. Lew fussed over the song so much that, he, Zack and other studio technicians and engineers stayed up until 5am adjusting the music to the one-man bands standards). But it was panned by some critics, while delighted by many others. Another song from the NEW BAND, The Final Hour earned poor reviews and became very quickly forgotten. Band practice was fun, but more work followed. Soon afterwards, Audio AKA Patrick Lew created more musical showcase Audio Rage websites via internet or revised the Samurai Sorcerers ones into Audio Rage.

Audio burned as many as six CDs on his computer with various mixes of different songs, which he studied. Audio Rages archive of recorded works in his library swelled into include more than 350 digital audio tapes and other media, all ideas of music recorded for Audio Rages upcoming album [we will get to that later] of Audios new music and to label the progress of the songs. The tapes remain in the bedroom's closet. He did pass out the flyers to his one-man band by going to KINKOS to make copies of his websites.

By musical analysis of the work in Audios bedroom, the one-man band kept roughly 12 songs for the A list for the album and another 35 or so in various stages of production on the B list.

Audio Rages new album was now going to be called Revenge. The name of the record came from Audios diary of his life and career throughout the 2000s as he went through tons of personal hardships and shortcomings in his musical and school career. Some songs from the album project for Audio Rage (both A and B list musical works) have yet to include vocals/songwriting because of Mr. Lews writers block and his inability to write lyrics or storytelling poetry to sing along to because he felt he wasnt a good singer/songwriter and focused more on playing musical instruments for his group. However the electronic-made instrumentals and band without vocals were actually pretty good. Broken Hearts Become One, War! and others were some of the strongest material Audio has made ever in music.

The process was drawn out even further after Audio (Mr. Lew) hired a new musician DJ and college friend David Arceo whom had prior experience with MIDI and electronica in his musical career. Still Audio seemed to be emerging beyond his garage band dramas out of his past. In early 2006, for what would be the first time since the Psychotic Love tour ended in February 2005, he performs in public, with his community college band of friends at Serramonte Shopping Mall at Daly City.

Currently at work on his Audio Rage bands album Revenge in his studio using his musical instruments and computer programs, Audio is still an active musician on the Bay Area local scene and is also in focus of finishing community college.

Band Members:

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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  No
Record Label: 
Silent Minister Demo 2006    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.myspace.com/samuraisorcerers
Contact Name:  Patrick Lew
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: California-San Francisco

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