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Band Details

School of Audio (formerly Samurai Sorcerers)

San Francisco, CA

School of Audio (formerly Samurai Sorcerers)'s logo

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: July 4, 2005            Last Update: May 21, 2006
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Music types: Rock, 80s
Audio, musician, artist and college student…is currently doing his cross-promotion projects Audio Rage and Band of Skyline Asians for music. He is also known for his career with the band Samurai Sorcerers from 2003 to 2005.

Audio’s old musical group Samurai Sorcerers reached fame and cult following of friends/fans on various Audio/Samurai Sorcerers websites (i.e. MySpace, SoundClick or PureVolume). But near the end of 2004, drama arose in the band camp of musician friends. And on October 2004, Audio hired two session musicians Mony and Janet on the trendy networking website MySpace as touring/studio members for Samurai Sorcerers, but only for finishing the music for the album “Psychotic Love” and its subsequent college campus live tour.

Samurai Sorcerers (Audio, Eddie and Shawn) got into Eddie’s house and workshop to make their second (but final) album called “The Blizzard of Sound” on a computer and instruments they rented from a guitar store. This was also the very first time, Audio made music on a computer application.

The band camp’s home-made demo “Psychotic Love” was released on December 6, 2004 via internet. But badly enough, the musical promotion and live tour for the album proved to be grueling. Samurai Sorcerers’ two warm-ups at City College proved to be flops when Audio previewed music from Samurai Sorcerers album to the community college crowd. The last show on the “Psychotic Love” tour was at Balboa High on February 13, 2005, which also started a short-term romance and love relationship Audio had with a Japanese girl named Yoshiko Kuwamoto, whom he met backstage at his gig.

Samurai Sorcerers continued to be a group and make music together, planning a third album which was being made in Eddie’s house using computers and guitar store rented equipment again. In May 2005, the band hired Audio’s college friend Zack Huang on keyboards. Numerous jam sessions and band practices at Eddie’s workshop proved to be tough, and not much activity went on. “Blizzard of Sound,” the album which was delayed for 1/2 a year was leaked on SoundClick and hXcMP3.com websites. This also caused a growing tension between Audio and his other bandmembers Eddie and Shawn. And the album was taken off the internet, causing Audio to be on bad terms with the group alumni’s.

The only solution was Eddie to make “Blizzard of Sound” was to make it his solo album called “Personality” and he only put the music up for free MP3 downloads on his website instead. Eddie and Shawn have since done another musical project called Sapien, which did shows and musical performances across the Bay Area.

On June 8, 2005, the Samurai Sorcerers made their last public performance at Archbishop Riordan High, which featured founding member and original bassist Mayumi taking part in the music and gig. In an ironic grim twist, Audio’s grandmother passed away on his day. The group’s time was nearing an end, as on August 9, 2005, the group members and musicians of Samurai Sorcerers agreed to part ways in acrimony.

Audio had a musical career ahead of him, but seemed more interested in computers and college. He played music for a various musical groups for a little while, until he went to Guitar Center and computer shops to pick up computer applications to make music, and thus formed School of Audio Rage, his solo project and promotion which served as Audio’s one-man band in the studio and live. The Audio Rage project was formed by October 2005, and Audio soon began a musical promotion tour for his new band Audio Rage in Asia, coinciding with a musical performance on his 20th birthday at a party.

Audio debuted his new project Audio Rage in a house show and musical performance in Hong Kong, China on his 20th birthday on November 15, 2005. Hours before Audio Rage’s first gig, Audio made an online podcast on his website about debuting his new musical group. Audio then took a short vacation after coming back home, and met up his Japanese girlfriend Yoshiko for another short-term romance and love life, along with other girls he met on the internet dating scene. Audio returned to his one-man band Audio Rage, going to Guitar Center and the electronics store to pick up instruments and computer applications to create Audio Rage’s album “Revenge.”

Audio lifted the group’s short hiatus by asking former Samurai Sorcerers keyboardist and college friend Zack Huang to build a musical workshop in his bedroom as a recording studio was being constructed at Audio’s house in December 2005. Zack became a part-time member for Audio Rage, and was the co-producer for the group’s first MP3 single and online podcast for MySpace and PureVolume, “Asian Woman Blues.”

Musician and aspiring film maker Zack left the band in January 2006, leaving Audio to make his music for this solo project on his own. So far in Audio’s studio, he has composed 11 new songs and musical work for Audio Rage. In April, Audio Rage became a quasi-duo when his college friend David “Knuckles” Arceo joined the band on turntables.

Audio Rage done a couple starving musician gigs and outings in Daly City and Serramonte Shopping Mall in February and March of 2006.

In between his musical career, Audio was also a community college student at Skyline College and CCSF. Although he did not stay very long at Skyline for college, he did form a J-Rock Ensemble and tribute project to his school life at Skyline called, Band of Skyline Asians in mid-2006. They recorded a live musical performance in Audio’s bedroom which the show became broadcasted online through Audio’s website. It eventually became a self-titled “live-in-the-house” CD. Audio Rage is a musical group led by musician Patrick Lew (former Samurai Sorcerers band member) and his music making program on a computer. While the one-man band has played a handful of unplugged shows live, most of Audio Rages activities are contributed in a home studio, rather than doing gigs onstage.

Audio Rages Formation and Roots:

The computer and musical group called Audio Rage, where does the story begin? The musical group was formed in San Francisco on May 9, 2003 originally as the school grunge band Samurai Sorcerers. 17-year old Patrick Lew placed a flyer on Wallenberg High Schools bulletin board seeking musicians to form a band. The response was later fulfilled from the ad where Patrick met another musician and fine artist named Eddie Blackburn (Guitar), whom both were similar because both musicians and Wallenberg High School classmates loved Guitar Virtuoso groups and musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page and etc. Eddie and Patrick were also good musicians at the school. Sooner than later, Patrick asked his friend at the computer lab during recess, Asuka Mayumi Nagase (Bass) to join Samurai Sorcerers. This led to the band playing their instruments in Patricks bedroom on weekends. Samurai Sorcerers never had a drummer, but had to buy a drum machine from a music store to become a substitute for the bands music. While the Samurai Sorcerers had done a live performance, they were very small-scale shows. Sooner than later, the group began showcasing their music online through band promotion websites like PureVolume.

After 15 months of rehearsal, smallest of live shows and personnel changes (with Patrick graduating from Wallenberg High School in June 2004), Samurai Sorcerers finally released their debut album through the internet on various sites, Psychotic Love. Despite being recorded on a cassette/radio walkman and the musicians playing their instruments as serious amateurs, Psychotic Love was a teenage musical diary of high school melodrama over failed romances, identity confusion, childhood dreams, anti-social ramblings and etc. The album cover of Psychotic Love featured a cartoon of a lonely and attractive Asian girl glancing at a lake in a playground where she sees an imaginary reflection of her ex-boyfriend. The music and the groups work of art on this album wasnt up-to-par with the Samurai Sorcerers as musicians, so the school grunge band from Wallenberg High began to crumble. Mayumi left Samurai Sorcerers to focus on school before the music for Psychotic Love was finished in the studio, so Eddies best friend Shawn Blacharski replaced her on bass guitar. The three talented musicians got into Eddies house in October 2004 to make a better follow-up to Psychotic Love called Blizzard of Sound. This also marked the first time Patricks music was done on a computer program. But problems began to show in the Samurai Sorcerers band club, everyone had different ideas for the music by now. While Psychotic Love sounded like a garage band playing music together as very primitive musicians, Blizzard of Sound was recorded on Eddies Apple computer in just 10 hours.

The music in Blizzard didnt contain any vocals from Patrick or Eddie, but just rock & roll beats/instrumentals. When the second and last Samurai Sorcerers album was finally issued in May 2005, the music on that CD was somewhat in shambles. By now, the Samurai Sorcerers didnt have much to offer as a garage band of talented musicians anymore. Each group member of the Samurai Sorcerers then embarked on solo projects and careers.

By now, Audio Rage, Patrick Lews one-man virtual garage band was founded. Going to music stores and Best Buy to pick up computer applications to make music, he was given advice by a college friend to play music with a computer to avoid the garage band drama musicians had to deal with when playing instruments with each other at band practice in the studio. Audio Rage was formed, and the music of Patrick Lew was now done through a computer program and it was showcased online.

The Breakthrough of a Talented Musician

Zack suggested Patrick move away from the garage band conflict experiences and do a 100% drama-free virtual band where he can make his music on a computer instead. Zack was Patrick's college friend and played in Audio Rage as producer and keyboardist a for a short time only.

2005 passed without any new music showcased via internet by Audio Rage, an original date for an online podcast on Audio Rage's website of their song Asian Woman Blues was cancelled in favor of The Final Hour. The latter being critically lambasted, and soon Patrick had to teach himself how to program electronic instruments on a computer and play guitar and bass through eBooks. Then finally on January 2006, Audio Rage finally showcased what would be a teaser for the album Revenge, the mp3 online podcast of their new song Asian Woman Blues on various artist showcase websites such as MySpace, SoundClick and PureVolume. Unfortunately, Zack Huang left Audio Rage around the same time because of college. Having 21st century technology to make his music and art, Audio Rage didn't need real-life humans playing instrument to make great rock & roll music. In 2006, Patrick Lew returned with his new project Audio Rage and began using the computer everyday to make a new song to put online on a website. This resulted in Asian Woman Blues being the first online podcast of Audio Rage music through the internet. Around this time, Patrick began promoting his music on many online websites where an undiscovered musician can put it his stuff on (GOOGLE in Samurai Sorcerers or Patrick Lew for an example).

Patrick Lew revealed his new album for Audio Rage would be called Revenge or The Chronicles of Revenge on his MySpace diary for his music. He said the music was more complex, based on his record collection and iPod collection of MP3 he put on there from his computer.

After several live gigs in the San Mateo county, where Patrick played acoustic guitar versions of his music from Revenge. In March 2006, Audio Rage released more new music and potential songs from their album Revenge. It earned Patrick Lew as a musician his most strong reviews and feedback to date with the music hes taking in Audio Rage. Audio Rage continues to perform mostly inside a studio, and is hard at work on the Revenge album.

Band Members:

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Their News and Events
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Latest News:
07/04/2005 - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I just signed up on this website. I put a couple samples from my band's music, pics, information. Check it out man.

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
The Blizzard of Sound    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.soundclick.com/samuraisorcerers
Contact Name:  Patrick Lew
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: California-San Francisco

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