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Alpine, UT

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: January 4, 2005            Last Update: January 4, 2005
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Music types: Ska, Rock
SAUCE is a band made up of 7 members, and ordinates from American Fork, UT. Our music reflects all our members in that we all bring something different into the music. Most of our influences aren’t ska so we get everything from jazz, latin, rock, and experimental into our music so, even though we are ska we may not be "true" ska.

Band Members:
Keir Shmidt: Vocals, saying dumb things, being sexy, having long hair. He's into jazz, funk, country, metal and thrash and...progressive...and other stuff..prince? Josh: Guitars, New to the band. He's a funk and blues man. Just one chill mutha. James Barlow: Bass, likes weird but good music that no one has ever heard of. Works in a shoe store, goes to uvsc. Kory Hubbell: Drums and Percussion, works at a music school and a skating rink, draws and stuff. Listens to...progressive, jazz, rock, reggae, alternative (real alternative). Steve Candland: Tenor Sax, listens to ska! woah! And he...i don't know what the kid does, but he's cool. Allaina Dayley: Trombone. She's the lil sister of the band. She plays soccer all the time, it gets annoying. She listens to...incubus, ska stuff. Mike Hubbell: Alto Sax, has shaggy hair, hes Kory's brother. Listens to stuff? Jared: Trumpet, He has dark skin. We love him for it.

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Their Music
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Contact Name:  Steven Candland Steven Candland
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Localities: Utah-Park City

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