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Band Details

The Mike Dalton Band

Iselin, NJ

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: November 29, 2004            Last Update: January 12, 2005
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Music types: Pop, Rock
These four members of the band are outstanding musicians and you wouldn't be disappointed. Mike Dalton makes original pop/rock music with intensity and originality. Mike\'s vibe has caught on and fits right in with the hustle, bustle, and concrete surroundings of NJ\'s urban areas, including a very hip college crowd, the Jersey Shore crowd, and the more mainstream audiences. His experience ranges from playing in front of crowds in a rock and roll bar to opening up for Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. What an extreme ! Mike sang the National Anthem for the greatest sports franchise in the world, the New York Yankees, and Stanley Cup winners, the New Jersey Devils. He was awarded \"Best Music Video\" on CTN, he won the \"Unsigned Heroes\" contest held by 97.5 WPST, and he was up for a \"Daytime Emmy Award\" for his songwriting work on the CBS soap opera, Guiding Light. He\'s had over 200 airplays on national television shows such as As the World Turns, Another World, Guiding Light, and Passions. He\'s currently writing and recording songs, Needle in my Vein, with Jim Babjak, the guitarist for The Smithereen\'s. He has sang and played guitar for 2 nationally televised commercials and he has composed over 320 original songs.

Band Members:
The sounds of the Mike Dalton Band have been reviewed not only by loyal fans, but many people in the entertainment industry:

~Danielle Monaro from "Elvis Duran & the Z-Morning Zoo " on Z100 NYC, states, " Mike Dalton has a fresh new sound. Everyone should take a listen to his stuff....they 'd really enjoy it! "

~Bill Kelly: WFMU, Jersey City, and Sirius Satellite Radio: "The Mike Dalton Band is a melodic rock/country hybrid clearly capable of appealing to a wide audience."

~Kid Kelly; Pop (Senior Director), Sirius Radio says, "The Mike Dalton Band is the best unsigned band that I have heard in a real long time."

~Chris Cimino; Meteorologist, News 4, said, "The Mike Dalton Band has been one of the best kept secrets in New Jersey. It's time the secret gets out!"

~Maria Milito; Disc jockey of Q104.3 FM, says, "The Smithereens meet REM: THE MIKE DALTON BAND! World-get ready for them!!!"

~Jim Babjak; The Smithereens, had this to say: "The first time I saw Mike Dalton perform, I had to go up and introduce myself. His performance really knocked me out. He's a truly gifted performer/songwriter and in a perfect world would be a huge star. This guy from Jersey delivers the goods 100%!"

Don Slepian, ArtMusic Coffeehouse International Webcasts, states, "Mike Dalton thrilled our listeners with his beautiful original songs and powerful intensity of expression. A musician as skilled, versatile, and personable as Mike Dalton is rare, indeed."

Al Muzer; The Aquarian, writes: "An excellent example of radio pop at its finest." Christine Champagne; Soap Opera Digest, writes: "It's only a matter of time before Dalton has a top-10 hit on the Billboard charts."

Maggie Powell; The Ties That Bind (publication), writes: "......an outstanding collection of well written songs, ranging in tempo from straight-ahead rock to a beautifully performed ballad…."

Don Dilorio; Herald & News, writes: "This latest release reveals a deft songwriting craft…..smart pop writing with broad appeal."

Mike Dalton Band releases CD, "Glider" New Jersey has been privy to the sound of the Mike Dalton Band and now the sound will travel further! Glider , Mike's 4th CD , will be released on November 19th at Bar Anticipation, in Belmar, NJ (732-681-7422) and there’s no stopping the dynamic sounds of this band. Many a lyric of these songs were influenced by Mike's personal experiences and no doubt about it, the emotions run high through this singer's voice, and music. Dalton collaborated with many outstanding musicians to turn out one of the greatest CD's this area has produced recently. Besides working with the members of the band, Eddie Carson [Guitar], Jimmy Druiett [Drums], and Nick Massaro [Bass], Dalton wrote a number of songs with the guitar player from the Smithereen's, Jim Babjak, who played his trademark guitar on numerous tracks on Glider. Babjak’s drummer, Dennis Diken helped out with "Needle in my Vein”. Dalton expresses, “I’m honored that I was able to have these veteran's of the music industry and members of previous lineups of my band work with me.” Such names as Jeff Rataski, Damian Fontana, Kenney Petersen, Bob Romanowsi, Greg Felise, and Pete McGinley all played a part in the making of Glider. Dalton goes on to say, “I'm really lucky to have so many talented players to work with. Dalton even has the youngest member, Trevor, his son, playing on Glider. No surprise at all to the fans, after reviewing tracks on Glider, that this outstanding piece of work was dedicated to the youngest member performing on it, from his dad, Mike Dalton.

The fan base is growing in numbers through word of mouth from the very first fan to those experiencing it first time, this band’s right on and they got what it takes to draw in the crowds. It doesn’t take long to get the feeling from these guys of their dedication to the tunes they play to their audience. Their entire heart and soul goes into every performance, and into every song. The vibes are truly generated to the audience and there is no denying these guys have a lot of compassion about every performance they churn out. Mike Dalton not only gives 200% to his audience, but off stage, gives that much to charities through their performances. Dalton says, “When we are approached to do a benefit concert, we will always be there to help out and give back to their community and outside of it”.

Jersey, Tri State, and than the Nation, get ready to experience the heat wave of the originality and explosive sound of the Mike Dalton Band. The Mike Dalton Band is ready to bring it on to those who haven’t experience their unique sounds and style. The explosion of Glider is coming to you sooner than you think. World, Get Ready to embrace Glider. For More information check http://www.mikedalton.com/ or contact Pat 908-896-0559.

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Their News and Events
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Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
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Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://mikedalton.com
Contact Name:  Pat Hardiman
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: New York-New York City

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