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Band Details

Southern Limits

Calhoun, GA

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: August 23, 2004            Last Update: August 23, 2004
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Music types: Country, Southern Rock
Southern Limits is from the little town of Calhoun, Georgia. A middle of the road city between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

You can visit us on the web at www.southernlightsrecords.com or you can always find us at www.songplanet.com

Why this name? We live right here in the south, not far from the city limits.

Do you play live? All the time. The Governor's Lounge, The Rock & Country Club in Chattanooga, Tn. We love playing live because we are a REAL live band. The only special moments are the people who really love original music and having a good time.

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label? Sure. Although it's not just about the money, having money is nice but we write and play what we feel and that just does something to people. Seeing someone who can relate to our music makes everything that we do all worth while. We would love for playing music to be our jobs for the rest of our lives and not still have to work a day job as well.

Band History: Southern Limits have been playing together going on four years. We write and perform all of our own original music as well as covers ranging from modern country to classic rock.

Your influences? Our musical influences vary from country to rock to motown to gospel and everywhere in between.

Favorite spot? The bright lights of Nashville, Tn.

Equipment used: We play D'adarrio and Elixer guitar strings on Fender and Takamine guitars through Crate and Fender amps while beating on Tama Drums and singing through Sure microphones. Our keyboard player is a Kurzweill man.

Anything else...? Without the love of Jesus Christ nothing would be possible. Thanks for all of your kindness. God Bless.

Band Members:
Eric Bohannon - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Craig Folds - Keyboards, BG's Andrew Bray - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Seth "Pretty Boy" Hughes - Bass Brian "Tank" Chastain - Drums, Percussion Amber Lee - Backup vocals, Percussion

SonicBids Press Kit: N/A

Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
Southern Limits are working on their newest cd "Livin' On Dixie Drive". A mix of down home country and soul filled southern rock. Available soon. If you would like to purchase our debut cd "Never-Ending Thing", please email all orders to southernlimits101@yahoo.com Price is $9.99 US Free Shipping and Handling.

Also, Southern Limits are shooting their first music video "It Sure Ain't Love" on Saturday July, 10 2004.

We also made friends with a great bunch of guys named Southern Touch who started a website called www.southernlightsrecords.com You'll find us threre as well.

Southern Limits are competing on the state level in the Colgate Country Showdown in Perry, Ga. October 16th, 2004. Wish us luck...

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Never-Ending Thing    
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.soundclick.com/southernlimits
Contact Name:  Andrew Bray
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Georgia-Atlanta

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