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Band Details

the Stay-Up Late Club

Ft. Worth, TX

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: May 17, 2004            Last Update: May 11, 2005
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Music types: Punk, Emo
We are three dudes from Fort Worth who like to rock! We like rolling, too. But primarily just rocking is what we do. Um. I used to call us pop-punk. But we've just kind of developed into a musical sludge. A splattering of emo. A hardcore riff here, and a rippin solo there. It's all rockin tho.

Our influences have shifted some since we first formed. We kind of remind me of a young Saves the Day and a young Blink 182 joined in unholy sexual matrimony. Hey, our friends like it, okay?

Band Members:
We are a trio of rock!! Steven Long, Steve-O and Chris B. Guitar and vocals, bass, and drums respectively. I write the songs and act as band manager and promoter and cheerleader. I am tired all the time. Steve-O is just kick ass. And Chris is getting fatter every day!

Please kill me.

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
5-12 Okay. So this will more than likely be the last update ever. That's right. The SLC is no more. Quite the bummer. Apparently, bass playin Steve-O has re-evaluated his priorities, and decided that the band falls way to the back of the list. Oh well. I can't honestly say that I am terribly terribly super surprised or anything. Chris and I are currently working on new material for a new band. Working name is 'the Worst Day Ever' with or without the 'the' probably without. Oh well. It was a super fun year and a half. And I'd like to thank God. my parents. all the fans from every corner of the globe. Hey, have you heard about Michael Jackson? Apparently he liked little boys. He should have went for the Catholic priesthood. Too late now. Hahahahaha!!!

Goodbye forever!!

1-18 Wowee!! It's been a dog's age since I updated this page. Sorry everyone. Like anyone even visits this freakin page. Oh, who am I fooling? I'm a joke! Waaaaah!

Anyway, we've got a big show coming up February 4th. Our new pals in the London Scar (out of Dallas) have got us opening up for 41 Gorgeous Blocks. If you haven't heard of them, you are a loser. Anyway, the cover charge is a measly five bucks and it's all ages (I think). So if you can't make it out (to Lewisville) you suck.

I've got big plans to get us into the studio and out with a 5-7 song EP this spring. Maybe late April. Really just a pipe dream for now. Oh well.

Also we have a show at the Black Dog again. On Feb. 19th. I thought our last Black Dog show was a freakin disaster, so maybe this one will make up for it. We will be playing with the Capitalist Kids and Uppy Alex. And it's free.

Okay. Until next time, friends!!!

9-23 Happy Thursday, everyone! I have scored us a show at the Ridglea Theatre Oct. 7th. That's a Thursday much like today. We will be playing with UNIT 21, Better than Nothing, and some other band that needs a new name because even though I was told the name of the band like three times and it was spelled out to me, I still have no idea what the name of the band is. I mean, some people need a lesson in band naming! There's some rules that just go without saying. Uppy Alex? That's a catchy name! the Cattle Assassins? How can you forget a name like that? Bjorn Kirby is kind of pushing it. But still.

It's five dollars at the door, but I highly recommend sneaking in the back, because the bands dont see a fucking red cent of that. Well, maybe Unit 21, but we get zip. Zero. Zilch. So fuck the Ridglea and sneak in!!!


9-19 Alright, anyone who missed the Black Dog show should be kicking themselves in the ass!

9-12 Hey everyone! Happy belated sep. 11. Oh, wait. . . I mean boo hoo!! Sad belated Sept. 11!! Waaah! Dead people!

Sorry. Anyway, yeah we have a show on the 17th. That's less than a week. I personally haven't promoted the show at all, but FYI, it's at the Black Dog Tavern again. We're going to try to get on before last call. The last Black Dog show was really sucky. The mic kept shocking the holy hell out of me and cutting out. Plus we played really poorly. Hopefully this time will be different. We aren't terribly well prepared for this show, so I'm just going to try to have fun.

I am trying to get together a big ass festival - style show for the Trinity Park pavillion in late october or early november. When it cools off. Any good bands interested, or touring bands who would like to get on the bill should contact me, and I will try to work around andy touring band schedules.

We hope to bust out in the Fall, and play and play until we get sick of it, then probably record a third CD. OH YEAH!! We will have another seven song CD available soon. It is almost completely recorded, but the mixing will take a while. And the cover art is not even begun yet. Look for it this Fall.

Alright, I've rambled enough. We're done hybernating, and keep an eye out for us in the future.

Rock On!! ~Long~

7-08 Yes, we had another great Black Cat's show last night. It was kick ass. Thanks to everyone for coming out and not breaking anything this time. We might be sitting out Black Cat's next month, because we will be performing Friday, July 30th at the Black Dog Tavern with Uppy Alex. This will be a free show. 21 and up only. Sorry, children. However, there is a chance we might still play August 4th at Black Cats. (Black Cats, the Black Dog? Kinda confusing) Bjorn Kirby and One Fingered Fist are pretty much booked already. I'll keep everyone updated!! Later!

6-17 So, in case any of you have noticed, our one and only song download on this page refuses to work. I can't find another site that will let me store the MP3 file and link it and blah blah blah. However, I have posted a link to our other web site at audiostreet.net, where you can feel free to download and hear one of our songs. Soon I will post a few more. For those who care, we are planning our next show for late August. Maybe at the Ridglea theatre, or the Aardvark, or the Moon. Yes, we are interplanetary!! Bwahahaaa! No, but really. Check out our other site, as you can actually hear one of our songs, and I will post a few more when the planets are aligned appropriately.

6-06 Alright, alright, alright! The next Black Cat's show is confirmed for July seventh. The first Wednesday. Like every month. This time we will be joined by the Cattle Assassins, and Bjorn Kirby again. Also Uppy Alex will rock their portion of the house. The cover cost is 3 dollars at the door. Don't worry. All that money goes straight to the bands. So don't be a bitch. Just give me your money and everything will be fine.

6-03 Big thanks to everyone who came to the show last night, in spite of the storm. Everyone seemed to be having fun knocking stuff over. But I think they might have liked the music too? Oh well. Probably playing the same venue July 7th. More later.

5-29 Finished recording a four-song demo. Unfortunately I am having some trouble posting it. Stay tuned for more!

5-20 A pop-punk trio from West Side Fort Worth, we have about a 40 minute set of original stuff, with a few cover songs snuck in. We are very interested in finding other pop-punk bands that want to play some shows together in the metroplex. Please contact me , Steven if any other poppy punk bands exist in Ft. Worth.

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: 
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.audiostreet.net/artists/003/706/stay_up_late_club.html
Contact Name:  Steven Long
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: Texas-Dallas
Texas-Fort Worth

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