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Band Details

Throwing Red Social (TRS)

Los Angeles, CA

Throwing Red Social (TRS)'s logo

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The Band
Localband.net Member Since: October 20, 2003            Last Update: October 20, 2003
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Music types: Punk
What do you get when combine a choirboy turned punk rocker, a heavy metal headbanger, a classically trained indie rock guru, and a jazz drummer caught up in the glamour of the 1980’s? The answer…a synergy of vintage undertones, raw beats, and a melodic harmony, which has produced a hybrid style of rock known uniquely as TRS.

Influenced by such bands as Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, and the Foo Fighters, TRS is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist - Loren Saxby (second from right in picture); backup vocalist/lead guitarist - Josh Friedman (pictured right), bassist - Brian Crowe (second from left in picture); and drummer Gabe Gordon (pictured left).

The band was formed in Hollywood, CA during March of 2003 by Loren Saxby and Gabe Gordon. Loren and Gabe were formerly in the band Fuzzy Navel, who had its roots breaking the L.A. scene touring with Phantom Planet and Maroon 5. The band had split to attend college, and upon completion, Loren and Gabe decided to put together a new band with a different style.

Once Brian and Josh joined the group, TRS wasted no time, quickly devising a rigorous rehearsal schedule. The bands first project, entitled "Believe," was in direct competition as a primary track for the MGM released, Brittany Murphy feature "Uptown Girls." Recorded at the legendary Cherokee Studios, the band was privileged to work with celebrated engineer/producers Dee and Bruce Robb.

By the end of April the band had finished recording an acoustic demo comprised of live rehearsal and studio sessions, and by mid June, had returned to Cherokee to record two singles BLINDSIDE and SAND-LOT GOODBYE with producer/engineer Greg Hayes, who had recently completed work on Limp Bizkits new album.

Currently, the band is touring around So Cal and in early November, will be heading back into the studio to begin work on their first album.

Band Members:
Straight out of the mean streets of Malibu, CA, Saxby brings a raw punk influence to the TRS crew. With a raw “who gives a f*ck” attitude, Loren leads a crowd with a presence that is born, not developed. A former member of the critically acclaimed Fuzzy Navel, Loren has refined his sound and technique becoming a vital part of the bands on-tap vocals and harmony.

Rated on Hotornot.com as the most unattractive member of TRS, Loren brings both style and character to the bands presence. His intense, yet vibrant screams and chaotic stage presence drives TRS to its highest point. Influenced by such bands as The Ramones, STP, Weezer, and NOFX, this 22 year old wants to spread the TRS message to each and every person possible.

During his free time Loren enjoys fine dining, martial arts, and muff diving.

Josh “Sick Boy” Friedman, can be credited with putting the “G” in TRS. Born and raised in the projects of Beverly Hills, this Suge Knight apprentice aced all of his classes throughout the school of hard knocks. Josh can solely be credited with the indie spirit of TRS. Josh’s furiating guitar style is influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Dave Matthews, and Britney Spears. A perfectionist and musical prodigy, Josh is the catalyst of TRS’s diverse structure and unique sound.

As the hardest working man in this bands business, Josh serves as the reason behind the chaos. No matter what Josh will always be there, fifteen-minutes late. Credited with the largest IQ in the band, TRS is truly lucky to have Josh as their backbone considering he also holds on to his brain cells more than anybody else.

Ladies beware; this “G” will win your hearts over with his ghetto fabulous charm. But, don’t playa-hate or he will smack that ass!

Josh is a 23 year old playa wit attitude

Brian “chief” Crowe, a 21 year old Pisces, enjoys flirting with the law and horticulture. A brazen New Yorker from Long Island (Long – Gueylan), Brian don’t take nothin’ from nobody, kickin’ the east coast bad boy image since he was in diapers.

Brian’s musical career originated over 15 years ago when he began banging his head on the wall for fun in a small Long Island Suburbs. Bry Bry, Brian quickly developed his natural sense of rhythm, which has prospered into an ability, or super power, to create sick beats.

At the innocent age of 13, while still trying to figure out his place in life, Brian heard his first Slayer song. It was love from the start, a life long marriage to the carnage and satanic rituals of talented white trash.

Also a professional sound engineer, Brian brings his hometown urban roots and thuggish ruggish attitude to the TRS sound. His bass styles range from Slayer to Slayer with a touch of Slayer and a hint of country grammar. Despite the personae he portrays, Brian is truly a down to earth fairy tale kid. Brian lives his passion of music every waking second of his life and is truly a devoted friend to all. Just don’t piss him off or he will rip your f*cking head off!

Can we ever really know who the Crowe is?

Still stuck in the 80’s, Gabe Gordon is the percussion guru who holds up the TRS sound with his version of the bare essentials: a drum kit, a plethora of broken sticks, a self made Afro and a can of beer in hand. This Duran Duran, Rush obsessed SoCal homeboy, and gangsta lover, brings his jazz and classic backround to the TRS sound.

Another former member of Fuzzy Navel, and its biggest fan, Gabe, who seems to know 98% of the residents of the CA, adds core dynamics and powerful drum lines to TRS’s melodic intonations. In addition, if there is one person who can be credited with bringing the astounding foursome together that is Throwing Red Social, it’s definitely this homegrown Brentwood businessman (Soon to be CEO). One additional point of interest: Gabe “knows” everything, so I would warn against trying to argue with him.

Gabe is a 22 year old, libra who enjoys surfing, fine art, and the company of blonde playmates

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Their News and Events
There are 0 upcoming shows on the Schedule
Latest News:
10.20.03 - San Diego Birthday Show Everyone come down to San Diego on November 8th to see us play with 3Against1 at Blind Melons. It’s gonna be out of control and a sick after party...everyone definitely needs to roll down for this one!

10.14.03 - Friendster TRS is on Friendster . . . come be our friend or something.

10.09.03 - Birthdays Happy Birthday to Gabe (Oct9) and Loren (Nov5).

10.07.03 - In the Studio TRS has gone into the studio to lay down some new tracks to put on their upcoming demo which will available to their fans very soon! The band has been working on a lot of material and are really stoked to get underway and release new songs! A lot of people have been requesting recordings and we can’t wait to release them.

10.04.03 - Headlining at the El Rey! Despite a few technical difficulties, we had an awesome show at the El Rey on Friday night. The joint was packed (that’s not a pun, Brian), filled wall to wall, and we really want to thank everyone for coming out and showing their support.

Their Music
Original Music? Yes
CD Recorded?  Yes
Record Label: N/A
Their Contact Information
Alternate web site:  http://www.throwingredsocial.com
Contact Name:  Gabe Gordon
E-mail address:   (NOTE: Email addresses are hidden to prevent spam. You must have JavaScript enabled.)

Localities: California-Los Angeles

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