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After a few false starts I have hired a developer that will work on coding the site. He anticipates the new site will be ready in about a month or so. We’ll say October 1, 2006. The developer has done a bunch of music sites so I’m excited about it again. The site will be pretty much the same as it is now with a new look and feel and the addition of MP3’s for each band, a store for bands to sell stuff and an agent program. Stay tuned for more details. The general design can be seen here.

Site overhaul update

Volume 2, Issue 2

August 2006

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By Bernadette Giacomazzo & Melissa Deskovic

Regardless of who we’ve talked to, what we’ve read, what we’ve learned, or when it all happened, there were ten common themes that everyone said in some form or another. Not that we went to a mountaintop to get the information – or that we got the information from any Divine Source (unless, in the words of that old graffitum proclamation, you still think Eric Clapton is God) – but stone tablas and the parting of various bodies of water aside, here are the Musician’s Ten Commandments.

The Musicians’ Ten Commandments

Straitedge Buddhist Strippers—Portland, OR

Straightedge Buddhist Strippers combine elements of roots punk, indie garage rock, and American power pop. SBS joined the Local Band Network in May 2006. Honestly, they were first chosen as a featured band because I loved the name but when I listened to their samples I was truly impressed.

Check them out at their next show.

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Love Crawl—St. Louis, MO

ST. LOUIS – August 24th, from 7pm until 3am, Soulard will host the first annual Love Crawl. Up to 12 Soulard pubs will have national local bands performing throughout the evening with transportation provided by Tour St. Louis. Tickets can be purchased at participating Soulard Pubs and through Metrotix.com. Tickets are $15.00 in advance 

and $20.00 day of the event. Your ticket is exchanged for a wristband on event night at any of the participating pubs. Each participating pub will have live entertainment.


The mission of Love Crawl is to showcase aspiring artists to the St. Louis community and abroad. Soulard is already known for the nation’s second largest pub-crawl (Mardi Gras).


DiMBy Productions is launching an aggressive program in the St. Louis market. There will be 14 regions where the Love Crawls will be produced. Once this concept takes hold in St. Louis, Johnny Love Vodka will help in launching Love Crawls nationally. DiMBy Productions is calling all bands to submit their SonicBid epk’s asap. There are still spots open for the August 24th event.


For detailed information and or list of pubs and bands please visit www.LoveCrawl.com. This site is still under construction.


Pubs and performers are subject to change without prior notification.