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I have finally signed a contract with a web designer/developer. The new site will be live by July. You can check out a preview of the new style of the site here. Remember this is still the conceptual phase and there is still a lot to be done but you get the idea. Some features that will definitely be included are: agents (people in each locality that can update news and events) and a store for you bands to sell stuff like CDs, t-shirts, stickers, etc. I will be posting weekly updates on the Forums on the site. This is going to be awesome!

Site overhaul update

Volume 2, Issue 1

April 2006

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By John Fitzgerald ó founder, Local Band Network
A MySpace account seems to have become a must have for local bands. It seems every email I get has a link to a MySpace page. I won't say your band should not have a MySpace account but local bands should remember three words when they think of MySpace: fad, focus, and fakery.

MyTake on MySpace

Eleven Dollar LifeóChicago, IL

EDL joined the Local Band Network in July 2005. Their shows always rock even if they did make me break my New Yearís resolution to not drink in January. Thanks guys.

Check them out for an all original funk/rock/blues explosion. Guaranteed eleven girls for every guy at the show. (not really but you should still check them out at their next show)

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Rising Stars TV

Think American Idol sucks? Yeah, so do I. Think you can do better? Upset because they donít take BANDS? Well if any of those are true you will LOVE a new show called America's Rising Star. Think of it as a battle of the bands on steroids. A national competition between bands and vocalists from all across America. And itís all televised nationally.

Independent Artist Registry

National talent scouting service now accepting artist nominations.

The Independent Artist Registry (IAR), the nation's only independent talent scouting service is now accepting artist nominations from qualified music industry pros.  Nominated artists are evaluated in four key areas of artist development with membership reserved for only the very best, most promising artists.  

There are some similarities to American Idol: national exposure on TV, celebrity judges, a recording contract as the golden ring and the TV audience votes for their favorites. Even if you lose youíll get all kinds of publicity. It is airing right after American Idol so there will be millions of people watching your video.


The grand prize is a recording contract. To enter you need a video of one of your songs


The show starts May 16th 2006 so get over to www.risingstartv.com soon to enter your bandís video.


Americaís Rising Star is looking for talent ..not some marketing fluff!. SIGNUP TODAY!


Last year over 5,000 artists applied for membership. While all of them received a detailed review of their material, only 35 were selected for membership.  We can safely say these 35 are some of the best up and coming artists in the country. IAR is currently promoting these artists to the nation's top 100,000 music industry pros and assisting them with PR, booking and label solicitation assistance.


Included amongst those 35 artists is the Los Angeles rock band She's Your Sister (SYS) who received the IAR's IndiE Award.  As the IndiE Award winner, SYS's CD In Between was distributed to the nation's top 100 record labels and 300 radio stations.  In Between generated major and indie label interest for the band when their CD raced up the CMJ charts - topping out at 113. Detailed booking and publicity information for SYS and the other 34 artist members can be found on the IAR's website.  Each artist will also be featured in the new 2006 edition of the Music Phone Book


If you are a promoter, agent, or talent buyer who has worked with an independent artist you feel is talented enough to be considered for the IAR, we invite you to Nominate them on the IAR's website www.independentartistregistry.com.


Nomination window closes April 30, 2006 so get over there now!


Nominations are reserved for music professional who have worked directly with the artist. The IAR is open to artists of all musical styles that meet the minimum requirements. There is no cost or fee involved in nominating an artist.

Direct artist applications may also be considered.