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I am in negotiations with a number of web development companies to rebuild the site. Check the forums to vote for the features you most want to see included in the new site which will come out in the spring. (We’re talking international exposure, a powerful gig exchange, MP3 hosting and sales, better calendars, and a lot more!)

Massive site overhaul in the works

Volume 1, Issue 1

September 2005

New Local Band Network Partners

Music Go Round

Music Go Round provides you with a great way to buy, sell and trade used music equipment. With stores all over the country, you can virtually guarantee you will be able to find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find it, you can set up a wish list. How cool is that? Click on the link to find a store near you.


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By Jeremy Rwakaara – Indie Managers Association

At least a dozen times a day, I receive a phone call or an email inquiry from an artist asking: “how do I find a manager to represent me?” or “do you know any managers in (pick a state) who can manage me?” or “how do I go about finding a manager?” I often respond that the appropriate question is: “when should I consider being represented by a manager?” Since I get the (wrong) questions asked so frequently, I decided to write an article on management for artists.

Choosing a band manager

Look for a featured artist here in the next issue.

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MediaTango already provides services to the real estate market with the site CommercialNet.biz.  See a demo of their capabilities here. When MediaTango officially launches at the end of September the partnership with Local Band Network will allow Local Band Network members to create unlimited DVTs (Digital Virtual Tours) at a discounted rate. Think of these as a press kit on steroids. Add MP3’s, pictures, band bios and much, much more. We are also going to tie the schedules together so that you only have to update one schedule to keep them both in synch. Making your life easier. That’s what it’s all about..


Independent Artist Registry

Not all of you will qualify for this next one, but for those of you to do, I highly advise you check it out.

It's called the
Independent Artist Registry (IAR) and its a listing of 300 of the nation's best undiscovered independent artists. Artists inducted into the IAR will receive national publicity and promotion as well as receive an endorsement deal.

The IAR will also select one artist every four months that will receive the
Indie Award. That artist will have their demo submitted to a number of major label A&R departments including Atlantic, Interscope, Geffin, A&M, Universal and several others. That artist will also get 1,000 of their CDs replicated for free and be the subject of a feature article in the Music Phone Book.

There is no charge or entry fee required for the IAR, but they do have minimum requirements to make sure artists are developed enough for the national promotion that comes with induction into the IAR. The IAR isn't for part time artists. But if you are a serious artist and want to be promoted to thousands of music industry contacts, visit the Independent Artist Registry information page at